Life’s a Peach Cocktail: National Peach Day

Life's a Peach Cocktail: National Peach Day

Happy National Peach Day!

Today is a very famous holiday, National Peach Day! We are celebrating by making ourselves a Life’s a Peach cocktail. Life’s a Peach is a black tea that tastes like a sweet summer day. If you are not a fan of black tea swap out Life’s a Peach for our White Peach a lighter but just as tasty alternative. We have kept this recipe simple. We love peach cold brew so we have created boozy Life’s a Peach cold brew. If you would rather it be a mocktail, just leave out the booze and enjoy a refreshing summer drink!


What you will need:

Life’s a Peach or White Peach 

Sugar Syrup

A fresh Peach


Vodka or Gin

How to put it together:

  • Grab your favourite tall glass. Start by filling the glass with ice.
  • Get your cold brewed tea. To cold brew our tea put the loose tea in a container or a jug. Put about three large tablespoons of tea into the jug and fill with water from the tap. Place in the fridge overnight, drain tea in the morning and your cold brew is ready! If you are short on time you can brew your tea hot for 4 minutes, then leave in the fridge to cool and pour over ice.
  • Once you have your tall glass, ice and cold brew, pour 100mls over ice. Add a 25ml shot of sugar syrup and stir. (To make sugar syrup, boil water and add 2 tablespoons of sugar into a mug. Stir and wait to cool.)
  • Add a 25ml serve of vodka or gin.
  • Cut your fresh peach into thirds. Place on the top of your glass and add a sprig of mint if you would like! Enjoy.

We told you it wasn’t tricky. If you make this at home please tag us in your pictures on social media (@eteaket). We would love to see you celebrating National Peach Day! 





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