Make tea drinking part of your healthy new lifestyle!


Some tips to kick start a healthy lifestyle with proper tea

At eteaket we are go getters. We love goals, we strive for success and we love tea.

We wanted to start the year by helping you, our loyal blog readers and tea lovers, set achievable goals for 2018. A new year is full of possibilities and opportunities. This year we want you to get the most out of your year!

This all begins with a plan. We are now three weeks into January and most of you will have an idea of what you want to achieve this year. Now we can’t help you achieve world peace or become the next contestant on Love Island but we can help you set achievable goals.

3 Steps to setting achievable goals

Step 1) Identify the broader goal you wish you achieve – e.g get healthy 

Step 2) Identify how you want to achieve that goal – e.g I want to exercise more and eat better

Step 3) Make the goal achievable by making it specific – e.g I want to go to the gym four times a week mainly focusing on cardio and I want to have more fresh fruit & vegetables in my diet. I will make sure at least two of my meals a day include vegetables.


Suddenly you go from zero to I have my life together and feel like I have earned myself a treat! Now I can hear your brain thinking, thank you eteaket for helping me see the goal-setting light but what does this have to do with tea?

You see, if your goal is to become a healthier person this year then your first step should be tea.

Make tea drinking part of your healthy new lifestyle

The importance of creating habits: tea & health

Creating habits is the key to staying on the right path. Habits should be small, enjoyable and achievable (just like your goals). If you up your intake of tea this year your body will reap the benefits. Tea is known for being lower in caffeine than coffee, and said to be high in antioxidants which benefit your skin, hair and nails and gives your metabolism the kick it needs to start 2018 the right way. Don’t even get us started on how tea is said to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and helps your teeth and gums stay healthy. Studies suggest that for optimum results you should be drinking four cups of tea a day. Those four cups count towards your daily water intake. Water with teas’ extra benefits? Sign me up!

Perfect Peppermint

Of course, to gain the best results it is important to drink a high quality tea. This doesn’t need to be costly or fussy – our Perfect Peppermint, for example, may offer a slight boost in estrogen levels to some drinkers – this has the potential to help clear up hormonal skin problems such as acne. Adding this tea to your bath may also help sooth skin inflammations & rashes. Our  Perfect Peppermint teabags are only 33p per teabag (£4.95/15 teabags). Also available in Loose Leaf at approximately 15p per pot (£5.95/50g). Relaxing Herbal Bath Soothing Tea

Blueberry Rooibos

Our Blueberry Rooibos is another little wonder – it is said to be high in essential iron, calcium & magnesium – magnesium, for example, is known to be required by every organ and bone in the body and it helps regulate the levels of certain minerals. Blueberry Rooibos comes in loose leaf at approximately 18p per pot (£7.50/100g)

eteaket Blueberry Rooibos Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

7 Day Detox Collection

Our Perfect Peppermint & Blueberry Rooibos both feature in our latest Tea Chest – 7 Day Detox Collection – an exciting way to re-boot your body & broaden your love for tea – and why not pick your favourite teas from this collection to keep you going for the rest of 2018?!

7 Day Detox Collection Tea Chest RRP £13.95

eteaket 7 Day Detox Collection Tea Chest Loose Leaf Tea Selection

So what are you waiting for? Pop the kettle on, put your feet up and start writing out your new goals…with a cup of eteaket tea of course!

The eteaket Team xx

p.s. If you’re aiming to supercharge your health and you’re not regularly drinking matcha…. seriously what are you thinking?

If you want to find out How to Make Matcha Tea <<click here>> to see our short video.

If you’re local to Edinburgh sign up for our Matcha Masterclass (next one 8 Mar) <<click here>> for details.

Ohh and watch this space for more exciting matcha news shortly.


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