Green is good: make an energising green tea matcha shot


Get your greens with this super energising green tea matcha shot

Matcha is the latest and greatest green powered tea to come out of Japan……well ever! At eteaket we are crazy about the stuff, so crazy that we even add it to our morning orange juice. We are sure you have heard about all the health benefits, hello a more awake and mentally stimulated you! We are also sure that you know how versatile it is, matcha ice cream anyone? How about a matcha cake? At eteaket we are always looking for new and inventive ways to use our products and we thought since it is spring, we should be encouraging you to add a burst of vitality in your life!

Mighty Matcha

A shot of Matcha is a perfect way to get some green goodness in to your diet. It is perfect if you are always on the run or if you are a recent convert to matcha/looking to try some! You can ask for a shot of matcha to be added to your favourite takeaway tea in our concept store or you can have a matcha shot solo! Want to make some matcha shots at home? Check out the recipe below:

Matcha shot



  • Put half a teaspoon of matcha into a bowl.
  • Add a drop of cold water and mix.
  • Once it becomes a paste add about 5 mls of 80°C water to the bowl.
  • Mix again – once any matcha lumps have disappeared and froth has formed on the top pour into a shot glass.
  • Shot that baby back and reap the rewards!

When life gives you lemons..

If you are looking for something a little cooler try a matcha lemonade. Drink the ultimate detoxifier with the power of lemon and the might of matcha and then listen to your liver sing. Perfect as the warmer days roll in! You can also try this one at home by following our recipe below:


How to shake it up:

  • Put half a teaspoon of matcha into a bowl
  • Add a drop of water (80°C) and whisk quickly.
  • Squeeze in some lemon and add some cold water. Mix again.
  • In another glass pile in the ice. Pour a small amount of lemon juice over the ice.
  • Pour the Matcha mix in until the cup is half full. Then add in another squeeze of lemon and, if you would like, a squeeze of honey – mix.
  • Grab your sparkling water and top your glass up – mix again.
  • Garnish with lemon – if you are feeling extra fancy you could also garnish with fresh mint. Go on treat yourself!

Matcha Lemonade

So there we have it tea lovers, exciting ways to add some greens to your diet! If you would like some more tea recipes take a look through our blog or sign up to our ‘tea tribe’ on our website. We have just launched this so you could be one of the first. Being a part of our tea tribe will mean you will:

  • Be the first to try new blends
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  • You will receive exclusive membership to our loyalty programme

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Sophie xx

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