Meet The Maker: Federica Designs


Our March Meet The Maker event brought us the very talented Federica Designs to our Tea Store.

Edinburgh based Federica Vinella specialises in pyrography, linocut and illustration and has managed to reconfigure the concept of upcycling through her very distinguished artistic signature. Working on second hand materials such as reclaimed timbers, second hand furniture and recycled paper, she gives a new lease of life to what was destined to be discarded.

Federica’s work is vibrant, unique and imaginative, drawn by the very personal experience of merging the Scottish landscape with its dusky atmosphere, with the relaxed and stylish Italian attitude of her younger years.  Federica Designs currently produces our eteaket Tea Boards. These special olive wood boards have natural antibacterial properties.

We loved having Federica Designs at our store for the day. Showcasing her talent of pyrography and creating some beautiful pieces, just for us.


Join us at our next Meet The Maker on the 23rd of April with Ian Henderson Pottery