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MATCHA – the eteaket guide to this super-tea!


This peculiar powder is only increasing in popularity in the UK – and can be enjoyed in a drink or on food.  But what exactly is Matcha all about!?

Our eteaket Mighty Matcha Tea is made with only the highest grade of sencha green tea.  This tea is then ground to a fine powder,  upon whisking with a special Matcha Whisk, it evokes a fresh taste grassy meadows with an astringent edge and satisfying jammy sweetness to finish.

It holds many health benefits as Matcha is a super concentrated Green Tea, it packs way more anti-oxidants. Brilliant for a health boost in your breakfast cereal, smoothies or just drink it straight up!

Matcha tea is traditionally drunk hot in Japan, but it also tastes great cold.  At eteaket we enjoy making a Matcha Tea-Latte with either semi-skimmed milk or soya milk with the addition of  a squeeze of honey for some sweetness.  A delicious mug of goodness!

The Science Bit!

• Robust
• Biscuit
• Argave
• Sweet Pea
• Cut Grass


See what all the fuss is about and try it for yourself – Find our Mighty Matcha here!

Try some Mighty-Matcha-Recipe-ideas here. We’d love to see how you get on – post your pics and comments on our Social channels @eteaket xx

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