National Stress Awareness Day


This week we have been thinking a lot about mental wellbeing as this Wednesday was National Stress Awareness Day. We thought it was a great opportunity to highlight the vital work of our charity Partner Health In Mind.  As we are living through such turbulent and uncertain times it has never been more important to monitor and look after our own mental health, which is why we are pr oud to support their work.

Every one of us experiences stress. Often what triggers stress is outside of our control. However, what we can tackle is our reaction and how we confront those stressful feelings. Health In Mind are a vital hub of information for mental wellness, they run befriending services and online wellbeing sessions; they strive for people in Scotland to live in a supportive and resilient community where mental health is understood and people lead fulfilling lives. Alongside individual help they provide trauma support and training, counselling and talking therapies, and seek to put in place early intervention community based support.


They have recently launched their online space for mental wellbeing It has great tips for managing stress and signposts for further resources you can use.






At eteaket our Tea In Mind routines are our daily stress management tactic. Its so important to take a few minutes each day to take stock of our emotions. The 3 minutes your tea takes to brew is a perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness. We encourage tea drinkers to choose a tea based on your current emotion and use our concept of 3 minute tea routines which will empower you to pause, re-balance and create a calming space for your mind…


Wishing you a stress free week x

Erica & the eteaket Team

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