Discover why we created our new ‘tea in mind’ range of wellbeing teas


Beep the horn… blow the trumpet… and welcome our new ‘tea in mind’ wellbeing tea range!

Tea in Mind 5 Element Set

Yes, we’re about to sprinkle some sunshine in amongst the current doom & gloom with the long awaited release of our new Tea in Mind range of wellbeing teas. After 14 years in the tea business, with plenty of bumps in the road, we’ve realised that pausing for tea is the key to looking after your mental wellbeing so that you can be present for more moments that matter.

So, we’ve been beavering away, listening to the tea leaves and are delighted to finally be ready to share our new Tea In Mind range of wellbeing teas.

These are so much more than some new tea blends though.

These teas are truly a labour of love having been specifically blended in harmony with the ancient Chinese 5 Elements to empower you to pause, rebalance & thrive in the 3 minutes it takes to brew your tea.⁠

It’s a framework we live by every day and find invaluable.

Coupled with specific ‘tea routines, there’s more to it than meets the eye as our ‘tea in mind’ framework fuses our knowledge of tea with our love for self-care and philosophy.

Pause, Rebalance & Thrive

Tea in Mind 80g Cartons

We’d love you to join us & others all around the world, taking a moment each day to thrive in 3 with ‘tea in mind’ – a series of tea routines to help you thrive every day in 3 simple steps:

Pause – Take a moment to pause with eteaket tea

Rebalance – Follow the suggested tea routine while your tea is brewing to rebalance.

Thrive – Thrive in your day. Create powerful, lasting change.

Check out our range, one for each tea type and each of the 5 Elements:

THE BALANCED MIND (White tea)- Alert & Relaxed

Dark elderberries and warming cinnamon are paired with Chinese white tea in this water element blend to help you stay alert & relaxed. The metal element herbal linden blossom, passion flower leaf and blackberry leaves support the sweet berry notes along with the yellow apple and the tart Schizandra berries.

While you’re waiting for your tea to brew, our suggested tea routine is to simply write down (or think about) 3 things you’re grateful for.

THE ENERGISED MIND (Green tea) – To boost & energise

This Chinese green tea is perfectly balanced to support the wood element with tangy green pear and supporting water element rosehips. Punchy Schizandra berries and orange peel work with the controlling metal element while white jasmine blossoms and astringent Gotu Kola leave you feeling boosted and energised with a renewed zest for life.

While you’re waiting for your tea brew try a simple box breathing tea routine to help calm your nervous system. Just breath in for a count of 4 (or for as long as is comfortable), hold for 4, exhale for 4, wait for 4 and repeat.

THE FOCUSED MIND (Black tea) – To aid focus & vitality

Sri Lankan black tea is blended in harmony with the 5  Elements to help rebalance the fire element and aid focus, cognitive function & vitality. The fire element Ginkgo Biloba and Gotu Kola herbs work together and have been reported to enhance energy and increase blood flow to the brain. The supporting wood element lemon balm and apple balance the controlling water Ashwagandha which is commonly thought of as an energy-builder. Coupled with a tea routine the hope is it helps you focus and love life!

So while this tea is brewing do something just for fun… maybe you’ll start a game of tig, do the Floss or sing a song out loud?

The Focused Mind

 THE CONTENTED MIND (Oolong tea)  – To unwind & uplift

Ti Guan Yin Earth Element Oolong with a hint of coconut and sunflower petals is blended with some controlling wood element green tea along with lime leaves and pineapple pieces. Fire element red Goji Berries support this rebalancing earth blend to assist you to unwind and uplift as you rebalance your Earth Element.

Try grounding yourself as you’re waiting for this tea to brew… take some slow breaths and imagine you’ve got roots growing from your feet all the way down into the earth.

THE SLEEPY MIND (Herbal Infusion)  – To cleanse & calm

Green rooibos and honeybush are blended with supporting Earth Element Fenugreek and bitter, Fire Element Roasted Dandelion Root along with calming Lavender, oat flowering tops and safflower in this cleansing, calming & most congenial caffeine-free infusion to help balance your Metal Element.

We love doing a silent tea meditation with this one… using all your senses, take some deep breaths and become present in the moment as you brew purposefully and slowly.

3 Ways to Discover More:

1. In-person Thrive in 3 Workshop

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use our ‘tea in mind’ system so you can work with the tea leaves and the Chinese 5 Elements in harmony with nature and yourself join our next in-person Thrive in 3 Workshop in our Edinburgh Tea Room on 17 Janu 2023 (6-7pm)

2. Virtual Tea Tasting for Mindfulness Workshop

Join our virtual Tea Tasting for Mindfulness Workshop on 1 Nov 2022 (6-7pm)

Learn how to incorporate your own bespoke Tea Routines into your daily life as we discover the secrets to goal-setting, mental rehearsal, creative flow, grounding and gratitude. Create the space to take back control of your life so that you can feel free and happy.

3. Erica’s Thrive Through Tea 6 Week online course

Be the first on the wait list for Erica’s Thrive Through Tea 6 week online course starting November 2022

How can you get your hands on our 5 tea in mind blends?

  • Each Tea is available >>here<< in a 20g Keep Tin £4.25, 80g Carton £8.50 and 100g Keep Tin £10.95 and 250g bag £18.50
  • Our awesome Tea In Mind 5 Element Set of all 5 Tea in Mind blends x 20g keep tins with pull-out featuring 2 recipes for each tea and ‘Thrive in 3’ Tea routines to empower you to pause, rebalance & thrive will be available soon. £24.95
  • By the pot at eteaket Tea Room

Shop online @ Tea in Mind | eteaket

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