Herbal & Fruit Tea Teabags

Herbal & Fruit Tea Teabags!  Who doesn’t love a herbal fruit infusion?  With no caffeine, it is the perfect refreshing cup hot or cold to hydrate and revitalise whist keeping you calm.  We have 5 of our delicious caffeine free herbal & fruit infusions available in our plastic free teabags.  Do you love your calming cup of Chillaxin’ Chamomile?  Or perhaps our Perfect Peppermint, which is thought to not only aid digestion but also de-bloat!

If you haven’t tried our Isle of Harris Gin Tea yet, it is a very unique blend indeed!  Created with the same botanicals as the Isle of Harris Gin, this blend is delicious on its own, or if you choose to foray into the world of creating tea cocktails, its a winner!  Moreover, where would you be without our Cranberry Apple Riot of Sea Buckthorn blends? Delicious brewed hot or cold, these are crowd please-ers in the world of fruit tea!  So sit back, relax, and enjoy our Herbal & Fruit Tea Teabags…

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