We have this tea on the top of our wish lists at all times.  Just WOW!  It is a true superhero of teas and most importantly, we love it.  Our Matcha is the highest Ceremonial Grade from Japan and is stone-ground to a fine powder.  This green tea really packs a punch!  Documented as early as the 12th century, it is known to be part of a ritual by Zen Buddhists.  Besides that being pretty phenomenal on its own… Did you know that the plant used to produce genuine ceremonial grade matcha is grown in the shade?  This is because it results in a higher presence of chlorophyll and is considered to be a powerful detoxifier.  Therefore, can it get any better?  We don’t think so!

Take a scoop this wonderful tea and whisk it with hot water to release a fresh, grassy aroma.  The taste is light and grassy with a slightly sweet finish.  It is an incredibly versatile tea.  Our favourites include creating lattes with different milks and adding adding cinnamon…or honey or chocolate because we have unlimited inspiration to help you make the most of your tea.

Check out our Mighty-Matcha-Recipe-ideas!

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