Recipe: Keep The Heid Scotch Mist Latte


Keep the Heid (Keep your Head)

Try our Keep The Heid tea latte. Our newest tea blend has been developed in partnership with Scottish Water and makes a great tea latte. They asked for a tea that would highlight how great Scottish Water is. Have you ever travelled to a city, poured yourself a cool cup of H2O only to realise the water does not taste the same as you are used to? We are so lucky in Scotland to have lovely water straight from the tap. You do not need to buy bottled water (wrapped in pesky plastic), we have lovely soft water that complements a cup of tea perfectly.  We blended black tea (Assam and Darjeeling) with meadowsweet and heather.  Half of the meadow-sweet in each serving is from Windy Hollow, an Scottish farm that even grows tea!

This blend could not really have come at a better time. Keep the Heid was in the works pre-lockdown but during lockdown the name for the blend became clear. We have always encouraged people to enjoy a pause over a cup of loose leaf tea and recently launched our Tea in Mind concept.

We thought about how we would feel once lockdown started to ease and shops, pubs and restaurants started to open. For some it is a very exciting time because they get to finally venture outside. For others it is overwhelming. There is no right or wrong way to feel but we think (and Nicola Sturgeon agrees) it is important for us all to Keep the Heid. This spans from being patient in shops and cafes to remembering to practice self love and self care.  So as an act of self love (because you are all worth it) whip up this Keep the Heid Scotch Mist and then take 5 deep breaths, inhale, exhale and repeat. Tea lovers, you are now ready to Keep the Heid!


How to make a Keep the Heid Scotch Mist –


Keep the Heid Loose Leaf Tea


Milk (or an alternative like oat milk)

Your favorite mug


Fill 70% of a cup with boiling water and add in your Keep the Heid tea. Leave for three minutes. Remove the tea.

Warm you milk in a coffee machine milk frothier or put in the microwave to warm and whip with a fork after. (Only warm enough milk to fill 30% of a cup)

Combine the tea and milk in a cup, add a squeeze of honey.


We are now open!

If you would like us to make you a Keep the Heid Latte, pop into our Tea Room on 41 Frederick Street. Our Concept Store on 111 Rose Street have plenty of Keep the Heid if you would like to make this recipe at home. Both tea spots are open Thursday – Monday, 11-4. We are open online 24/7 – visit us at

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New Tea Room booking system

More good news! We’ve now got a brand new table booking system for our Tea Room. If you visit our website, under our Tea Room tab, you will see that you can now book online. To meet Covid regulations we have had to take away some tables but if you can’t book for the time you’d like just call our Tea Room on 0131 226 2982 and we’ll try our best to accommodate you. There will usually be plenty of tables for walk ins (including all our outside tables). Our lovely team will be in contact if we have any issues with your booking. If you need to cancel your booking please get back in touch. It is really important that we can use all our tables at the moment. We look forward to seeing you again, it really has been too long.

Lots of tea love, eteaket xx


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