Yeah, so glad you’ve found us! We have a wide range of leaf teas, tea bags, teaware and accessories to make it easy for you to have the joy of proper tea in your everyday life. You’ll find fabulous teas, blends and infusions from all over the world along with super gift ideas.

If you’re in Edinburgh you can visit us in our Tea Room where you can shop our retail range and enjoy a fabulous Afternoon Tea & Tea Cocktails and much more.

Tea in Mind

What is ‘tea in mind’?

Tea in mind allows you to choose a tea based on your current emotion, alongside a concept of 3 minute tea routines empowering you to pause, re-balance and create a calming space for your mind…

Our condensed ‘tea in mind’ map shows which emotions relate to each tea type, but be sure to download the full ‘tea in mind’ map below as a simple guide to your 3 minute tea routines!

Also, join our FREE ‘tea in mind’ course now to rebalance with our founder, Erica! 

Tea in mind map
Tea in Mind
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