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Please note, our lovely tea timers now come with white sand.

A special gift set including our 7 Deadly Sins Tea Chest for all tea lovers!  This cracking gift set is the perfect pairing to a cosy night in, complete with our new 7 Deadly Sins Collection: 7 of our high quality loose leaf teas and herbal infusions.  Each tea aims to satisfy your cravings while keeping you on the straight and narrow.  Choose a fabulous Infuser Mug in any colour choice you prefer!  This will also be accompanied by a must-have tea timer and a tea guide to ensure the perfect cup every time.

Satisfy your tea cravings and fulfil your need for gluttony with a Chocolate Abyss latte (a favourite of ours here at eteaket!)… Or revel in some Strawberries & Cream for a delicious fruit infusion.  If envy is your sin, unwind with an infusion of Blooming Marvellous green tea.  There is a delicious sin for everyone!

Normally £32.85, save almost £9 on this amazing set with teas so delicious, you will be craving more!


The 7 Deadly Sins Tea Gift Set Includes

LUST Strawberries & Cream

Our Strawberries & Cream is as quintessentially British as Cliff Richard singing at a water-logged Wimbledon. Built on a base of apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, tangy elderberries, rose hip peel, sweet pineapple cubes and fruity strawberry pieces, this tea is something rather special.

GLUTTONY  Chocolate Abyss

Chocolate Abyss, where chocolate meets tea: Two of the world’s best discoveries carefully blended for you to enjoy. Quality black tea, expertly blended with real chocolate chunks, cocoa bits and coconut flakes. This tea is beautifully sweet with a slightly nutty edge. What’s not to like?

GREED Bollywood  Dreams  Chai 

Our Bollywood Dreams Chai is intense and spicy and will take your senses on a journey to the heart of Bengal. Premium black tea is blended with aniseed, spicy and sweet cinnamon, fiery ginger, black pepper, warming cloves and woody chicory roots.

SLOTH Chillaxin’  Chamomile 

Our Chillaxin Chamomile is the perfect tea to help you kick back and unwind. Our Chamomile is made up of the whole Chamomile flower and creates a sweet intoxicating, elegant floral flavour. Pour yourself a cup, pop on a Ryan Gosling movie and lose yourself in the moment.

WRATH Chilli  Rooibos

Our Chilli Rooibos needs to be handled with care! The chilli highlights are built on a base of classic Rooibos tea and vivid wild cherries, rosebuds, safflower petals, peony petals and carrot flakes. This tea has serious attitude.

ENVY Blooming  Marvellous 
Our Blooming Marvellous is just that… blooming marvellous! Flavoured Sencha green leaf is expertly blended with bright mallow and sunflower petals, exquisite rosebuds, sweet vanilla and fresh tangy fruit. Creating a sweet and slightly floral green tea with bags of taste and personality!

PRIDE Orange  Oolong  Supreme 

Our Orange Oolong Supreme has a sweet and citrus twist. The hand-rolled leaves create a mix of sweetness & tangy-ness, with a tart citrus finish. This tea has all the distinct earthy notes of an oolong with a light and refreshing orange note.

We are proud to have worked with Andy Johnston, brand and graphic designer of Edinburgh-based design company Andelad, to create this stylish tea chest. This unique design has some subtle Scottish touches on the outside – thistles leaves and stag antlers intertwined with tea ingredients – opening up to reveal a burst of colour, joy and excitement inside – just as with eteaket teas!

The fantastic Infuser Mug will add colour to your table! With a built-in infuser, it allows you to brew your tea in the mug, then simply remove the infuser and pop on the handy saucer.

This three minute sand tea timer is a must-have to ensure the perfect infusion every time! The colour may vary.

Our wonderful Tea Guide also includes all you need to know to make a perfect loose leaf infusion every time!

For a cosy night in!


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