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We are excited to launch our Berry Bliss Limited Edition loose leaf tea!

Our first Limited Edition to launch this year, our Berry Bliss is a delicious blend to take you from Winter to Spring.  With a base of 80% black tea, this blend has an array of fruit and blossom wonders added.  These include orange peel, strawberry bits and raspberry bits along with blackberries and mallow blossoms to name a few!  As a result, this gives the tea a hint of sweetness with a very subtle floral note.  It creates the perfect variation to enjoy from your regular cuppa.  Even better, the smell alone is so delicious, you can be sure it will taste just as good.

Our Berry Bliss Limited Edition is already a firm favourite of ours, and we hope it will be for you too!

Plastic-free tea

Our teas are 100% plastic free and the inner packaging used to hold the leaves is in fact a bio-film!  By switching to loose leaf tea you’re not only saving the planet from more packaging but you’re getting a great cup of tea.  If you’re new to loose leaf tea, fear not.  We have 100% plastic-free self-fill teabags with drawstrings for you to create your brew.

We think the best way to enjoy it is with an Infuser Mug or an Infuser Teapot like our colourful Eteaket teapots, (or the amazing cast iron Japanese Style teapots).  Other handy tools include the Perfect Tea Measure Spoon and a Tea Timer.



Best Drunk

Morning or Noon
Add a heaped teaspoon of tea. Use freshly boiled water (100 degrees) and let it brew for 3-4 minutes. Then stop the infusion and cosy up with this delicious brew for the perfect #eteaketmoment.
black tea (80%), orange peels, flavouring, stevia leaves (3%), strawberry bits, raspberry bits, blackberries, sunflower blossoms, cornflower petals, mallow blossoms, marigold blossoms, safflowers.


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