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Chilli Rooibos Tea Bags



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Our Chilli Rooibos Tea Bags are the most delicious caffeine-free brew morning, noon or night!  The chilli highlights are built on a base of classic Rooibos tea.   Moreover, this amazing blend includes vivid wild cherries, rosebuds, safflower petals, peony petals and carrot flakes.  Our Chilli Rooibos provides a warming taste compared to the classic Rooibos and has become incredibly popular due to its unique flavour.  Needless to say, we are a massive fan of our Chilli Rooibos Tea Bags!  And we think you will love them too…

Did you know that Rooibos is a naturally un-caffeinated herb from South Africa?  Therefore, Rooibos might just be your new favourite.  Because it is naturally un-caffinated, this blend is a great way to invigorate and revitalise.   We certainly feel refreshed after every cup!  Chilli Rooibos almost sounds scary, but trust us, it really isn’t spicy.  It just has a warming taste, like a hug in a mug.

Try using our Cold Brew Bottle to make a great cold brew tea.  Plus, it makes a great addition to a Bloody Mary Cocktail…

P.s.  Did you know that absolutely all of our tea retail packaging (including our teabags) are completely plastic-free?   So why not check out our blog here for some more in-depth information on a cause which is deeply important to us here at eteaket…



Best Drunk

Morning or Noon or Night
To Enjoy: Use 1 Chilli Rooibos tea bag per pot, add freshly boiled water and brew for 3-4 mins. We recommend holding off on the milk, but whatever floats your boat.
Rooibos, red chilli small, carrot pieces, natural flavours.


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