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Yerba, that’s right… Welcome back Green Yerba Mate!

Have you ever tried this infusion?  If not, and you love the pick-me-up feeling of caffeine, this brew might be your next favourite.  Yerba Mate is said to contain a fair share of caffeine which is unusual for a herbal blend indeed.  It is not strictly ‘tea’ as it does not come from the Camelia Sinensis plant.  It is a Herbal infusion created from an ever-green South American Holly Tree.  People have taken to drinking it for its suggested health benefits as well as its energising properties.  Needless to say, we are a fan!

Incredibly popular and harvested in South America, this infusion has a taste similar to that of a very slightly smoky, or perhaps earthy green tea.  Once harvested, the drying process often takes part next to a wood fire, which imparts this unique vegetal, delicate smoky flavour.  Delicious hot or cold, Green Yerba Mate has spread massively in popularity.   Who needs coffee when such fantastic infusions exist without the caffeine crash?

Plastic-free tea

We provide the highest quality ethically sourced teas from all over the world.  What could possibly be better than that you may ask…  Well, our teas are 100% plastic free.  From the bio-film we use to hold them, we also use biodegradable and compostable labels on our refills and sachets, so we have you covered to enjoy our tea responsibly.  Because really, to enjoy natures wonders, we all need to take care of it.

By switching to loose leaf tea you’re not only saving the planet from more packaging but you’re getting a great cup of tea.  If you’re new to loose leaf tea, fear not.  We have 100% plastic-free self-fill teabags with drawstrings for you to create your brew.

We think the best way to enjoy it is with an Infuser Mug or an Infuser Teapot like our colourful Eteaket teapots, (or the amazing cast iron Japanese Style teapots).  Other handy tools include the Perfect Tea Measure Spoon and a Tea Timer.





Best Drunk

Morning or Noon
We recommend you brew our Green Yerba Mate tea for around 5-8 minutes with water that's 100c to get the best flavour. Once the time is up - don't forget to remove the leaves!
100% green mate


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