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Our Sea Buckthorn Tea Bags are pretty wonderful!  Our Loose Leaf Sea Buckthorn blend is encased in our wonderful plastic-free tea bags.  The wild Sea Buckthorn plant is found abundant along Scottish coastline!  If you haven’t seen it, the bright orange berries are hard to miss.  This wee berry is greatly overlooked, as it contains an array of vitamins and minerals as well as bio-active substances.  Therefore, that is a pretty fabulous berry, right?.  Consequently, it makes perfect sense why we decided to create a tea from it!

It is impossible not to feel inspired by this delicious and healthy berry.  Blended with fruity dried Cranberries and mellow hibiscus flower, the Sea Buckthorn berry brings plenty of punchy flavour to the party. Our Sea Buckthorn Blend creates a sweet yet tart flavour that has plenty of ZING!  Perfect as an iced tea for those Sunnier days and warmer nights.  Seriously.  Have you tried it as a cold brew?  It is delicious.

We can proudly announce that our Sea Buckthorn blend won a Quality Food Award in 2016 for Best Tea!

Sea Buckthorn Tea Bags are a delicious choice day or night…

Yep, that’s right.  As a fruit tea, this blend is caffeine-free!  So whether you enjoy a cup in the morning or perhaps in the middle of the night, this tea is a fruity delight.

Moreover, why don’t you try our Sea Buckthorn Cold Brew recipe in How we like it?

Also, if you choose to buy the tea loose leaf the you can use the handy Cold Brew bottle to create your cold brew infusion!

P.s.  Did you know that absolutely all of our tea retail packaging (including our teabags) are completely plastic-free?  So why not check out our blog here for some more in-depth information on a cause which is deeply important to us here at eteaket…

Best Drunk

Morning or Noon or Night

Our Sea Buckthron teabags are bio-degradable and contain no plastic

Sea Buckthorn Cold Brew

Here’s how you can brew it yourself at home.

3x Sea Buckthorn teabags.

1x generous squeeze of honey

1x squeeze of lemon and/or orange

Brew for as long as possible, 12 hours (ought to do it!) with around 300ml of cold water. Remove the leaves and keep refrigerated. Serve with some fresh mint and fruit slices…oh and a snazzy straw!
Dried apple pieces, freeze-dried sea buckthorn berries, hibiscus blossom, elderberries, blueberries, cranberries (cranberries, sugar, anti-cracking agent: sunflower oil), rose hip peel, natural flavourings


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