eteaket Tea Adventurer Collection Set

The Adventurer Tea Collection


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Looking for excitement but don’t want to leave your armchair? “The Adventurer” tea gift set includes a collection of loose leaf teas that are off the beaten track .

This dare devil delight is perfect for the Bear Grylls in your life!

Chocolate Abyss. (100g) Chocolate and tea: Two of the world’s best discoveries carefully blended for you to enjoy. In our Chocolate Abyss tea, quality black tea is expertly mixed with real chocolate pieces, cocoa bits and coconut flakes. What’s not to like? Lose yourself in the moment: it’s like eating a huge slab of chocolate cake but without the calories.

Chilli Rooibos (100g) needs to be handled our with care! The chilli highlights are built on a base of classic Rooibos tea and vivid wild cherries, rosebuds, safflower petals, peony petals and carrot flakes. This tea has serious attitude.

White Peach (50g) one of our favourites and, like all white tea, it’s very good for you. Delicate Pai Mu Tan white tea is complemented by the light fruity finish of peach. This is a well-balanced tea to be enjoyed by well-balanced individuals.


This set contains 120 cups of tea.



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