Sipper Club, is our brand new monthly tea lover’s haven.

It’s a casual, drop in event where tea aficionados gather to share, learn, and celebrate all things tea. We’re aiming for more than just a gathering; it’s a vibrant community of tea enthusiasts coming together to explore the world of tea.

Where: eteaket HQ

When: Starting November 2nd & The First Thursday of the Month.

Time: 4.30 – 6:30pm

At Sipper Club, you’ll find a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you can:

  • Chat with the Tea-m: Have you ever wanted to pick the brains of those who craft your eteaket brews? At Sipper Club, you can! Engage in insightful conversations with the team who are passionate about tea and love to share their knowledge.
  • Sample the Tea of the Month: Every month, there’s a new tea to explore. It could be a classic favourite or a brand-new blend. Sip, savour, and discover your next tea obsession.
  • Shop a Select Range: Take home a piece of the Sipper Club experience with a selection of teas and tea-related accessories that will make your tea moments even more special.

November Spotlight: Chai

For this season of Sipper Club, the spotlight is on Chai. Chai is more than just a beverage; it’s an experience in itself. The tantalising aroma of spices, the warmth of the cup in your hands, and the rich, complex flavours make it a favourite for many. At Sipper Club, you’ll have the chance to explore the world of Chai like never before. From the classic Pumpkin Chai to the new and exciting Herbal Chai, you’ll be on a journey through a world of flavours and aromas.

What’s in the Future?

As if Sipper Club couldn’t get any better, we’re working on adding a click & collect option for the future. This means you can conveniently order your favourite teas and tea accessories online and pick them up at Sipper Club. It’s all about making your tea experience even more accessible and enjoyable.

Stay Tuned

Sipper Club aims to be a community of tea lovers, a place where you can share your love for tea, explore new blends, and engage in meaningful conversations. It’s a celebration of a beverage that has been cherished for centuries, and it’s an experience that tea lovers should not miss.

Join us for Sipper Club, where tea lovers unite, flavours unfold, and conversations flow. Don’t miss out on this tea-filled experience. See you at eteaket HQ on November 2nd!





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