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Chillaxin' ChamomileHerbal infusions are becoming many people’s tea of choice so we’re shining the spotlight on a few of our herbal and fruit infusion favourites. These guilt free brews come in such a variety of flavours. It’s no surprise many have replaced their caffeine habit with a herbal healer instead.

Sea Buckthorn or Strawberries & Cream Herbal Infusion?

We’ve put a lot of time and tastings into choosing the best combination of ingredients to ensure our herbal teas stand out. Take for example our Sea Buckthorn Blend which we gave a unique twist to by adding cranberry and hibiscus to make it our own. Or for all you sweet toothed drinkers out there we have Strawberries & Cream. A perfect blend of strawberries, apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, rose hip peel and pineapple. This infusion is as pretty as it is tasty and smells so good you’ll want to eat it before you get to your teapot.

What’s best for Chillin’ with?

However, if you do like the simpler pleasures in life then brew up some eteaket Chillaxin’ Chamomile tea. Be transported to tranquil Summer days and do exactly what it says on the tin…Chillax.

If this isn’t calming enough for you, follow it up with our Perfect Peppermint which relaxes your body as well as your mind. This therapeutic blend is known to calm your digestive system and apparently works wonders on your stomach.

What’s great about these caffeine free brews is how much fun you can have with them. Herbal and fruit infusions always make the best cold brews. Feel free to mix it up and some of our year round favourite Cranberry Apple Riot to some Perfect Peppermint, leave in the fridge overnight and enjoy. Or why not add the subtle flavours of our Lemon & Ginger to some green tea and spend your days sipping on flavoursome iced tea.

Eteaket Store Try some herbal infusions before you buy at our Concept Store

Whether you brew your infusions hot or cold you can be sure to be in for a tasty treat with sweet flavours, soothing Summer scents and an overall feeling of calm. If you’re curious about what herbal tea is for you just drop in to our eteaket Concept Store on Rose Street and you can try any of them you wish in store.

Donna xx

N.B: Do not drink sensibly!

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