Sustainable Sipping: Huski and eteaket


Sustainable Sipping: Huski and eteaket

Have you ever thought of making re-usable travel cups with rice husks? That is what Huski Home have done.

A family run company, that has put sustainability first and are pledging to reduce their environmental impact. They are focusing on reducing and re-using products like rice husks, which are a bi-product of rice and if disposed incorrectly can pollute the air. Read our 5 reasons to ditch the plastic disposable takeaway cups and make the switch to a re-usable Huski Home travel cup.


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5 reasons we love Huski Travel Cups

1) They hold lots of tea!

If you love taking hot drinks on the go, the Huski cups are great for you! They have regular or large cups depending on your size preference. The regular cup holds 400mls and the large cup holds 500mls. That gives you plenty of tea to sip on! You could also fit a tea latte in it or some cold brewed tea on a warm day. We sometimes find that other travel cups are great for coffee but do not hold enough tea! These travel cups do not disappoint.

2) It keeps you hot drink….well hot!

With re-usable travel cups, we found that our beverage did not always stay warm for very long.  The cup will keep your tea at optimum temperature for around 90 minutes! That gives you time to finish your morning commute and still enjoy whatever is in your cup ..maybe our Sea Buckthorn fruit blend?

3) The cup has a great seal!

It might not seem that important but when you are in a rush and tea is leaking down your hand, you start to think about all the times you took a great seal for granted. The Huski travel cup has been eteaket tested and we can safely say, you will not have any issues with the seal on this travel cup! Grab yours here and try it for yourself!

4) They are environmentally friendly.

This is the main reason we love these cups. We work hard to be as environmentally friendly as possible. That is why we made our retail packaging plastic free last year and it is also why we just introduced plastic free refills online and in our Concept Store. So when we come across other brands who are going the extra mile to leave a positive impact on the planet, we instantly connect with them.

Re-useable travel cups are already doing their part to make the earth smile but Huski have taken this one step further by using a product that would otherwise be wasted. Huski use rice husks which are a bi-product of rice (something heavily consumed on the planet). Rice husks can pollute the air and are being disposed of in non-environmentally friendly ways. They are naturally high in silica which makes them easy to manipulate and compress into cups! You can read more about rice husks here.



5) They look fantastic!

Obviously we all want to be environmentally friendly but why sacrifice style? Huski has us covered with their stylish collection of travel cups! We especially love the Duck Egg travel cup! It looks great next to our loose leaf caddies!


You can get your Huski cup here! Fill it with one of our Limited Edition Teas, Nettle & Petal, Rhubarb Rocks or Watermelon Burst!


eteaket xx


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