Discover 5 reasons to switch to loose leaf tea now

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Switch to loose leaf tea and save on your daily brew whilst enhancing the flavour, experience and health benefits! It’s time to ditch the tea bags and venture into the untethered world of loose leaf. Read on for our top 5 reasons to make the switch.

  1. VALUE

The great news is, fairly traded whole leaf tea is affordable. You can often re-steep the leaves a number of times as well giving you even more bang for your buck. Most people find the few extra pennies are so worth it for the extra joy, flavour and health benefits you get from savouring a well brewed cup of whole leaf tea.

Whole leaf tea rightly costs more than your ‘buy one get one free’ generic supermarket teabags. The dedicated workers who lovingly bring you hand-crafted tea leaves deserve to be rewarded fairly. From the women (and men) hard at work plucking the tea bushes every day, to the tea experts in the factory delicately processing the leaves knowing just the right time to turn or fire the leaves, everyone involved in the process deserves a fair wage. Driving down the price of tea through supermarket offers does not lead to a fair and sustainable industry. We believe in the power of whole leaf tea for good!

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Yes, like coffee, tea can be as complicated as you like. New discoveries are always being made and there always more to learn about tea. When it comes down to it though, it is a simple as leaves in a bowl. As long as you remember one thing then all will be fine – boiling water for black and infusions but let the water cool for 2 minutes before pouring on green and white tea leaves.


Sure using loose leaf tea is messy if you chuck the leaves straight in your cup then have to fish them out the sink when you’re washing up. BUT THERE’S NO NEED FOR THAT. You simply need an infuser to hold the leaves while you brew. Tip the leaves in the compost or bin when you’re done, rinse and you’re good to go for next time. Trust me, the extra taste and benefits are so worth this tiny extra step.

If you want to go even easier, grab a pack of compostable paper tea filters (fill your own tea bags if you will). Simply pop a teaspoon of tea into an empty paper filter and use as a normal tea bag.

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It takes around 3 minutes to brew your tea properly. I’m sure you can spare 3 minutes to pause so you can rebalance and thrive… That’s 0.003% of your day! Add in one of our suggested tea routines during those 3 minutes and you’ll get so much more out of your day. If you’re in a rush then pop your leaves in a flask or keep some cold brew tea in a bottle.

A word of warning if you’re one of the many who dunk their tea bag for less than 60 seconds… you’re likely mainly getting the colour and some caffeine and missing out on the full flavour and health benefits that come with a full steep. To fit your tea into the tiny tea bag in the first place the delicate leaves had to be cut into tiny pieces. That dust is a very far cry from single estate whole leaf tea. Open your eyes and taste buds to the joy of whole leaves.

You should also notice the health benefits, not least of which is staying properly hydrated and pausing long enough to calm your mind and rebalance your body.


One of the many wonders of tea is how one plant can create so many fabulous varieties. It is impossible to get bored of tea as the possibilities are endless.

Our Tea In Mind system empowers you to choose a tea based on how you want to feel… from Alert & Relaxed to Boosted & Energised. Challenge yourself to try new types or flavours and you’ll soon be craving different teas at different times of the days to satisfy different needs. Sure, you might start with the Breakfast Blend to wake you up in the morning, and then an Energised Mind mid-morning to give you a little boost before lunch. Maybe a cold brew Sea Buckthorn with your lunch followed by a cheeky Chocolate Abyss tea latte around 3pm to stop you reaching for the chocolate bars. And of course an Isle of Harris Gin Tea (alcohol and caffeine free) after dinner followed by a Sleepy Mind to help you unwind before bed.

So there you have it. 5 reasons to switch to loose leaf tea and add more joy to your life.

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