As tea innovators we are constantly looking for new and exciting things to infuse, mix or blend using our teas.  Which got us thinking, what goes well with tea…and we came up with CAKE!  Tea and cake are a marriage made in heaven, nothing beats a delicious cup of loose leaf tea with a sweet spongy freshly baked treat alongside.  We’ve got the thinking caps on with the lovely bakers at Grace & Co, who make (or bake) the magic happen!   Using brewed tea, adding some amazing depth of flavour to the cakes (which are Gluten Free too!). So far we’ve had a Lemon, Ginger and Almond Cake using our award winning Lemon and Ginger Tea and a mighty Chocolate Abyss Cake using our Chocolate Abyss Black Tea.  Truly genius and delicious!

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These cakes are making weekly appearances at our Frederick Street Tea Room, keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and our Instagram to find out when they’re in!

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