Tea for Two Thousand!


Greetings from Japan!

Well my first week has been an amazing success with the pop up eteaket opening in Fukuoka, in the remarkable Hankyu department store. Hankyu created a little bit of eteaket in Japan with a wonderful pop up tearoom, with eteaket doillies, teapots and even an amazing eteaket team!

I have been serving cream teas (2000 a day to be precise) to our new eteaket fans, featuring our fabulous smokey and bold Scottish Breakfast tea, one of our wonderful homemade scones, fruity homemade strawberry jam and not forgetting lashings of Devonshire clotted cream. Also on offer is a bespoke bright and mellow Edinburgh Blend, and I must say it is all going down really rather well!

I’ve also been trying a world of weird and wonderful teas and tea inspired drinks, my ‘favourite so far must be ‘matcha au lait!’ The only way to describe it is… an experience! I think the eteaket office is going to be pretty busy with the concoction of some new and exciting Japan inspired beverages!

We have now packed up in Fukuoka and are heading to Osaka for eteaket number two which is promised to be bigger, better and busier!


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