Tea in Mind: introducing 3 min tea routines


Well, there’s no time like the present to introduce you to our new Tea In Mind concept: 3 minute tea rituals to empower you pause, re-balance and create a calming space for your mind.

It’s something I created for my own health and sanity and it sure is coming in handy right about now. Join me on Instagram and Facebook (@eteaket) every weekday for a short video with little tips on how to calm your mind in the 3 mins in takes your tea to brew properly.

To help you get the most out of this we’ve created our Tea in Mind Map (below) and our Tea in Mind collection which helps you find a moment of calm & balance.  Created for you to take a daily pause, the 5 tea types in this collection correspond to individual tea rituals.  Drink your tea based on how you are feeling or which tea type you fancy by following our tea in mind map.  Perform your tea ritual over 3 minutes & take care of your mental balance in the process.  Share your ritual with us on instagram @eteaket, & message us to let us know how it has helped you!

Along with five caddy’s of loose leaf tea, you will also receive a pack of 50 plastic-free self-fill teabags & a downloadable ‘tea in mind’ map.  Plus, do not hesitate to get in touch!  Share your moments at home with us, how tea plays a part in your day, & the positivity it brings to you!

If you’re new to loose leaf and want to test the waters, please support us by considering purchasing our Tea In Mind Sample Collection which has 10g sachets instead of our 100g caddies.

Did you know that tea, being a product of nature, is said to be full of nutrients and other good things?  The flavonoids in black tea for example, are known for their ability to boost the immune system.  Which is exactly what we need right now…

I developed our tea in mind concept with the aim to help others find balance.  Our tea in mind map deciphers intensive research into the history of tea and ancient learnings.  We have created simple tea rituals & guidance which you can practice to re-balance & check in on yourself.  Moreover, take those 3 minutes to prioritise your health, stay hydrated and create tea habits which can change your perspective!

We’re also pleased to be partnering with the charity Health in Mind who help promote mental health and well-being.

Stay safe and sane and happy brewing. I look forward to hearing from you as we journey through this together, Erica and everyone at eteaket x

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