Tea in Mind & Scottish Ballet Collaboration


Three Special Teas

Make this season truly magical with these 3 very special teas that we've created in collaboration with Scottish Ballet in honour of The Nutcracker. Cosy up by the fire with our warming The Nutcracker blend, marvel at the surprises in Sugar Plum Fairy and let your dreams go wild with Waltz of the Flowers.

These blends have been created in line with our Tea In Mind concept and the five elements so that you can choose a tea based on how you're feeling to help rebalance your body and mind. Pause, rebalance and thrive…


Sugar Plum Fairy

SUGAR PLUM FAIRY is specially blended to rebalance the Fire Element and our tea routines should help you feel more energised. Wood Element Spring Sencha green tea is blended with some Fire elements like tangy crimson Sumac Berries, delicately sweet red Rosehips & tangy hibiscus. It's balanced with citrusy Lemon Myrtle and dried Cranberries, Cherries and Orange Peel. The taste is reminiscent of warming, slightly spicy stewed plums.

Green Tea -  Boost & Energise


Waltz of the Flowers

WALTZ OF THE FLOWERS is a caffeine-free herb and fruit infusion blended to be enjoyed hot or iced. It's blended specifically to help rebalance the Water Element with Metal Elements herbs like Rosehips, Hibiscus, Chamomile, Rose and Apple pieces merging with the Water Element in the form of tangy Blackcurrant Leaves and deliciously black Blackcurrant pieces.

Infusion -  Cleanse & Calm


Nutcracker Tea

NUTCRACKER TEA. This Sri Lankan Black Tea is blended to support the Earth Element so try a tea routine to help you unwind and uplift. The spicy brown cinnamon and warming Cocoa combine with the light yellow sunflower petals to take you on a magical journey to cold lands with roaring fires. Great with or without milk.

Black Tea - Focus & Vitality

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