Pause, rebalance & thrive with tea in mind...


Our mission is to empower you to pause and rebalance while sipping on the highest quality ethically sourced teas from all over the world, including our own unique blends. Our 3 step 'tea in mind' process fuses our knowledge of tea with our love for self-care and philosophy by suggesting a series of tea routines. Join us & others all around the world, taking a moment each day to thrive in 3.


PAUSE - Take a moment to pause with eteaket tea.

REBALANCE - Follow the suggested tea routine while your tea is brewing to rebalance.

THRIVE - Thrive in your day. Create powerful, lasting change.

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thrive in 3...

eteaket's Tea in Mind range has been specifically blended in harmony with the ancient Chinese 5 Elements to empower you to pause, rebalance & thrive in the 3 minutes it takes to brew your tea.

Each of us is made up of all 5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal) but different Elements will come to the fore to support us through the changes that occur throughout our lives.

However, it's widely believed that we're all born with one predominant Element which plays a key role in the development of our make up and the way we develop thoughts and emotions as well as what themes and values are most important for us to find harmony within us.
Take this short quiz to discover your predominant Element and your superpower...

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Some of our 'tea in mind' favourites

Press pause, pop the kettle on and a yourself some me time. Here are some of our top picks to sit back and relax with...


Please note that our ‘tea in mind’ method is based on our suggested lifestyle tips & we do not claim that any information provided is scientifically proven.

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