Tea Leaf Reading at eteaket

The art of reading the tea leaves is something that we have joked about here at eteaket HQ quite a few times but now we had a chance to actually have a little glimpse into our futures. The fabulous Lauren Robertson was going to be holding a tea leaf reading class at eteaket and we would be playing our part by serving a gorgeous Royal Earl Grey G & T.

The evening got off to a wonderful start with all the guests enjoying a cocktail and a chat and then the serious bit began. Lauren taught us about the history of tea leaf reading, what

the different section of the cup represented and the art of interpreting the shapes and forms of the leaves. With some rather artistic illustrations from Lauren we learnt how all interpretations will vary and howthis is dependant on who’s leaves you are reading. Excited and slightly apprehensive we got down to the nitty gritty, each with a cup of our Awesome Assam we got paired up ready to read the others leaves. 

It is fair to say we were all a little nervous and crossing our fingers to see money and tall, handsome strangers at the bottom of our cups but as soon as we started  the chatter and excitement filled the Tea Room. There were unicorns, pumpkins, moons, anchors and even a stilleto shoe, all with their very unique meaning. We all had a very good crack at reading the leaves and Lauren was on hand to gives us a bit of guidance and we were all left a little shaken! Lauren was incredible, picking up on travel plans, blossoming relationships, new arrivals and much much more there wasn’t one person who didn’t feel that Lauren had really picked up on something and I certainly was left very surprised and excited by what she could see.

As the tea room emptied there was a buzz and excitement and constant conversation about what had been seen. We had a fabulous evening and are very very much looking forward to our next Tea Leaf reading evening…



For more information or to book Lauren for your hen party, birthday or event please contact Sarah:  hello@eteaket.co.uk  |  0131656 6484


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