Tea Meets Strong


As tea lovers, one question we keep asking ourselves is there must be a good reason as to why tea has been around so long! It’s the second most consumed drink on the planet (next to water) and for thousands of years ever since that tea leaf blew into the emperor’s cup, tea has always been around.

As a natural product, tea has trace elements and vitamins that help supplement the body’s needs alongside a well balanced diet.  Historically considered a health product, there is now growing evidence in relation to the antioxidant properties in tea and their role in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease.  Join us for the next 4 weeks with our ‘Health-Tea’ campaign where we’ll share and discuss the power of tea!

Here are the top 4 health facts from the Tea Advisory Panel:

  1.  Contributes to fluid intake
  2. No calories! (or around 13cals if you’re using semi-skimmed milk)
  3. Provides minerals and vitamins
  4. Less caffeine than coffee (around 1/3 of the caffeine as coffee!)

For our “Health-Tea” campaign we’ve teamed up with Women Run Strong.  This isn’t your usual trail run in the woods, Women Run Strong pride themselves on the experience rather than a race.  This beautifully scenic trail run takes you on adventure of either 6k or 11k and on finishing the race, well that isn’t the end of it! Everyone is rewarded with jelly babies and prosecco and the chance to win some fab prizes!  With the ability to book lunch, a massage or a nice swim afterwards Women Run Strong have thought of everything to make the run as rewarding as possible.

Women Run Strong says that if you can walk you can run, the Women Run Strong community supports women in discovering their strength and courage. With training plans and lots of support from all the members of the Women Run Strong Tribe and best of all anyone of any ability can take part, this experience is not to be missed.

To register for the next run at The Hilton Hotel, Dunkeld on the 15th of May find all the information you need here! With only 200 places available – you’ll need to be quick!

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We’ve launched an exclusive Tea Meets Strong eVoucher as part of our health campaign offering £30 worth of credit to use online for £20! That’s £10 on us!

So – over the next four weeks keep an eye out on our social media for updates on getting run-ready.





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