Tea of the Week – Pu-Erh Mini Tuo Cha

Tea of the Week - Pu-Erh Mini Tuo Cha

If you’re anything like us then you will have enjoyed one too many mince pies this festive season! So to give us a helping hand as we head back to the gym (hmm?) We are drinking our fantastic “Skinny tea,”  Pu-Erh.

Our Pu-Erh Mini Tuo Cha tea comes in a compressed cake-like form and produces a strong, earthy flavoured liquor with complex and slightly sweet notes. It is low in caffeine and relaxes the body and mind. Not only that, it’s also favoured by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham for its alleged slimming qualities. Slip into those skinny jeans with the help of this “skinny tea”.

If it good enough for Mrs Beckham then we will definitely be having a cuppa!

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