#teainmind Instagram Challenge


We launched our #teainmind Instagram Challenge this Tuesday and wow…  The participation in spreading positivity has been phenomenal.  We cannot thank you enough if you have taken part!

Alongside the launch of our Positivitea, in collaboration with social bite, we also sent out over 100 sachets free to those who you nominated in order to bring some light and positivity to their day!  The comments you left for one another were so heart-warming to read, it is beautiful to see how much love there is between us all.  Especially when we all are facing a common difficulty together.

If you’d like to spread some positivity with us, the challenge is still ongoing, as more and more people are becoming involved and taking the time to spread positivity through gratitude.  If you’d like to take part, we’d love to see your posts!!  Please see below for a full outline of the Instagram Challenge and all you need to know to get posting…


#teainmind Instagram Challenge

Are you ready?

Pop your kettle on… and whilst you are making yourself some tea, create a wee video sharing the three things today that you are most grateful for or make you smile!  (Or a picture if you are video-shy!)

Big or small, in-depth or funny, post it to instagram with the tag #teainmind, tag us (so that we can share!) and nominate 2-3 others at the end to do the same.  Let’s spread some strength with gratitude.  We can’t wait to see what you say as well as the pretty (or perhaps amusing) mugs out there!

Let’s start a chain reaction of positivity…