The Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Hey there, tea enthusiasts and gift-givers extraordinaire! Welcome to the eteaket Christmas Gift Guide, your one-stop-shop for finding the ultimate presents for the tea lovers in your life.

Whether you’re shopping for someone just dipping their toes into the world of tea, a seasoned tea connoisseur, a homebody craving cosy moments, or even the adventurous, nature loving outdoorsy types, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to explore a range of gifts that’ll make their tea-loving hearts skip a beat! From beginner-friendly sets to luxurious treats and items perfect for creating cosy tea nooks or for sipping under the sky, let’s dive into the art of gifting for every tea aficionado out there! ✨

For the leaf tea beginner…

Christmas Gift Guide Gift for the leaf tea beginner

Clockwise from top right….

(1) Infuser Tea Pot 

The eteaket teapot is a great pot for one – or two if you’re the sharing sort. It has a removable stainless steel infuser – perfect for loose leaf tea as you can remove the leaves once your steeping time is complete to prevent a stewed, bitter brew.

(2) The Adventurer Tea Subscription

Our Adventurer Tea Club Gift Subscription is a fantastic way to enjoy three surprise loose leaf teas delivered straight to your door every month. As well as this you will also receive digital downloadable recipes incorporating the three monthly teas, our Tea in Mind ‘thrive in 3’ routines, detailed information on the teas, tasting notes & more!

(3) The Cravings Infuser Set

Satisfy that sweet tooth with the Cravings Tea Collection & Infuser Gift Set featuring much loved favourites – Strawberries & Cream , Chocolate Abyss & Life’s A Peach 100g tins.

(4) Matcha Starter Kit

Our Ceremonial Matcha Starter Kit is everything you need to make matcha part of your daily routine. Whether you’re a novice just discovering the delicious world of Matcha or replacing much loved tools this Matcha Starter Kit is for you. 20g of our Ceremonial Matcha in a Keep Tin- a highly praised ceremonial Matcha green tea. Handmade Bamboo Matcha Spoon and Handmade Bamboo Whisk.

(5) The Classic Collection

eteaket Classic Collection is your essential daily brews for morning, noon or night. The collection features 5 x 20g plastic-free sachets presented in our eteaket tea collection gift box. As well a complimentary pack of 10 self-fill tea bags for easy brewing.

For the leaf tea connoiseur…

Christmas Gift Guide Gift for the tea connoisseur

(1) The Coveted Collection 

Much like a treasure chest that holds riches inside, eteaket’s ‘The Coveted Collection’ is a special selection of 5 eteaket-curated teas, including Second Flush Darjeeling; the champagne of teas and Isle of Harris Gin Tea, as well as some other real gems from our range. Created for you to enjoy an extra special eteaket moment.

(2) Yixing Clay Tea Pot Set

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Chinese tea culture with our Yixing Clay Teapot Set, a testament to centuries-old craftsmanship and the art of tea brewing. This meticulously curated set comprises a 150ml Yixing clay teapot and two 20ml tasting cups. Crafted from authentic Yixing clay renowned for its porous nature, this teapot is ideal for brewing and infusing teas, enhancing the flavour and aroma with each steep.

(3) Bamboo Tea Tool Set 3 pieces 

The Zhuzi Bamboo Tea Tool Set, a collection that embodies the essence of traditional tea ceremonies with its exquisite craftsmanship and practical design. This set includes three essential pieces meticulously crafted from natural bamboo: a presentation bowl measuring 185 x 65 mm, a gripper, and a spoon. Each item is thoughtfully designed to elevate your tea experience, combining functionality with a touch of rustic elegance.

(4) Black Cast Iron Curated Tea Set

The black cast iron curated tea set consists of the black cast iron tea pot with infuser optimised for retaining heat keeping your tea warmer for longer. It has a removable fine mesh filter basket perfect for loose leaf tea. The stainless steel fine mesh filter is both durable and rust resistant. As well as a beautiful Grey toned handmade Japanese tea cup and bamboo serving tray.

(5) Porcelain Sammo Gaiwan & Tasting Cups 

Porcelain Sammo Gaiwan & Tasting Cups, an exquisite set designed to elevate your traditional tea brewing experience. This stunning ensemble features a 140ml Gaiwan crafted from fine porcelain, adorned with intricate white and blue patterns that evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication. The Gaiwan’s classic design enables effortless brewing, allowing you to steep and pour your favorite teas with grace and precision.

For the nature & outdoor lovers…

Christmas Gift Guide Gift for the outdoor nature lover

(1) The Royal Botanic’s Garden Edinburgh Tea Collaboration – Herbology Physic Garden’s Blend Green & Herbology Physic Garden’s White Blend 

Featuring curative flowers that have been hand-picked and prepared from amongst the many medicinal herbs being nurtured, organically, as part of the Herbology programmes at RBGE. There really are unique teas that offer a restorative and comforting infusion. There’s a vibrant Sencha green tea from Kagoshima in Japan and a rare Nepalese white tea from Jun Chiyabari garden both of which have been hand blended with floral botanicals grown by a small group of dedicated volunteers within the physic garden at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

(2)  Loose Leaf Travel Flask

The Loose Leaf Travel flask is cleverly designed so that the loose leaf tea is kept separate from the water, that is until you need to brew your tea. You simply turn the flask upside down for the tea to brew. Once it’s to your strength, turn back over and unscrew the top section, you’re then ready to drink a perfectly brewed cup of tea with no tea leaves in sight!

(3) The Energised Collection

Blends to boost and energise. Take on the day with a fresh perspective and energised mind. This collection includes 2 of our special ‘tea in mind’ hand-blended teas using botanicals source for their apparent energising and invigorating properties.

The collection features 5 x 20g plastic-free sachets presented in our eteaket tea collection gift box; with a smooth, slide matchbox style opening. As well a complimentary pack of 10 self-fill tea bags for easy brewing.

(4)  Glass Brewing Flask

The Glass Brewing Flask is the perfect brewing vessel for tea drinking on the go. The double walled borosilicate glass forms the upper and lower chamber (300ml capacity), with a built in stainless steel infuser mesh. Holidaying, or on a walk or hike? This glass brewing flask is every tea lovers must have accessory.

(5) Tea for One Travel Cup Mint

The Tea for One Travel Cup consists of a porcelain cup with a jug and integrated strainer holding 160 ml. This lovely little brewing vessel comes in a mint finish and is perfect for both enjoying tea at home or taking tea with you to enjoy elsewhere. Whether you are inside, in your garden, or at a picnic, it is an ideal brewing tool for such occasions as it also comes with a drawstring padded cloth bag for protection – just pop it in your bag and go.

For the Foodies who love discovering new recipe’s…

Christmas Gift Guide Gift for foodie and recipe kit

(1) Tea in Mind 5 Element Set

The tea in mind 5 Element set featuring our 5 tea in mind teas. This set comprises 2og each of The Sleepy Mind, The Focused Mind, The Energised Mind, The Balanced Mind and The Contented Mind in a keep tin and comes with a booklet featuring 10 recipes to transform each blends into 1 drink & eat recipe each!

(2) Chai Latte Recipe Set

Experience the rich flavours of India with our Chai Latte Set, an exquisite ensemble curated to immerse you in the world of aromatic spices and delightful tea moments. Presented in a reusable teal tote, this set combines all the essentials for crafting the perfect chai latte at home. Inside, you’ll find a 100g keep tin of our signature Bollywood Dreams Chai tea blend, a fragrant concoction of traditional spices and premium Assam tea leaves that captures the essence of traditional Indian chai.

(3) Around the World in 7 Teas

The Around the world in 7 teas is a fantastic round up for the tea connoisseur to eager beginner. For best results sip alongside our Introduction to Tea Masterclass and discover all things tea including how to properly brew and taste tea, tea production and background information on the world’s most notable tea regions. Learn how to use tea as an ingredient and make tea lattes, hot chocolates smoothies and bakes!

(4) Scottish Gin & Whisky Set

Oh yes, you can now get your hands on our Scottish Gin & Whisky Tea Cocktail Set and start creating your own wonderful tea cocktails at home. Presented in a 100% cotton reuse teal tote bag with metal basket infuser. Collaborating with two greats in the Scottish spirit world – Isle of Harris Distillers and Tomatin Whisky – eteaket has produced two unique teas which are delicious served hot and as a Cold Brew, but can also be shaken, stirred & mixed up as a cocktail.

(5) Glass Cafetiere Set 

Indulge in the ultimate tea brewing experience with our Loose Leaf Glass Cafetiere Tea Set, this set features a 2-cup glass teapot paired elegantly with two 80ml cups, crafted for tea enthusiasts seeking both style and functionality. The transparent glass teapot, with its capacity perfectly suited for two, allows you to witness the mesmerising dance of loose leaf tea as it unfurls and infuses, creating a sensory delight with every steep.

For the Cosy Home lover’s…

Christmas Gift Guide Gift for cosy home

(1) Blooming Marvellous Candle Set

Blooming Marvellous Tea & Laura Thomas Co Soy Candle Set is a pairing made to be together – Blooming Marvellous 100g Keep Tin with Blooming Marvellous infused Candle presented in a reusable 100% cotton teal tote bag.

(2) Oedo-Koh Tokyo Incense

Tokyo Oedo Koh Incense captures the rich tradition of incense craft and the art of the perfumer weave with the fragrance of old Edo – the old name for Tokyo.

This series was crafted by master incense artisans in Tokyo to express the fragrant atmosphere and culture of old Tokyo. Moreover, these fragrances have been specifically blended for stories of the Edo Period. Each incense is coloured with traditional colours and the incense holder in the set resembles the stone pavements.

(3)  Bamboo Tea Tray 

This traditional Bamboo Tea Tray is perfectly designed with a reservoir for water to pour away during a tea ceremony. It is also well known as being an indispensable tool whilst brewing with a Gaiwan. The integrated slots for drainage allow you to perform your tea ceremony with ease – as well as catch any spillages or splashes.

(4) Isle of Harris Gin Tea & Candle Set

Isle of Harris Gin Tea & Candle Set is a match made in heaven – Isle Of Harris Gin Tea 100g Keep Tin with Gin tea infused Candle presented in a reusable 100% cotton teal tote bag.

Isle of Harris Gin Candle (8.5oz) – beautiful handmade, soy wax candle by Laura Thomas Co.

(5) Metal Tea Pot & Warmer Set

Metal Tea Pot & Warmer Set, an exquisite ensemble curated to not only brew your favourite teas to perfection but also to keep them delightfully warm for extended enjoyment. This set features a stunning antique blue Mailin Metal Teapot, with a generous 450ml volume, designed to infuse your teas with a touch of vintage elegance. Crafted for both aesthetics and functionality, this teapot boasts a charming design that seamlessly combines style and practicality in every pour.

For the Self Care lover’s…

Christmas Gift Guide Gift for self care and wellness

(1) The Sleepy Collection 

Ensure a sound slumber and unwind after a long day with The Sleepy Collection of restful teas. Free from caffeine, these infusions are ideal to sip on and find a dreamy relaxation with before bedtime. The collection features 5 x 20g plastic-free sachets presented in our eteaket tea collection gift box as well a complimentary pack of 10 self-fill tea bags for easy brewing.

(2) Porcelain Bird Print Gaiwan & Tasting Cups

Pause for a mindful moment with a Gaiwan brewing; harmonious fusion of artistry and functionality. Embrace the elegance of traditional tea culture with this beautifully crafted gaiwan adorned with a delicate bird and leaf print with green and yellow accents. With a voluminous capacity of 140ml, this gaiwan comprises three essential pieces: a brewing bowl, a perfectly fitted lid (used to hold back the leaves as you pour), and a matching base plate.

(3) The Self Care Box 

Discover five 20g sachets of carefully selected teas to help you thrive. Included is our recipe guide to transform each blend and create a tea-infused care routine as well as a pack of ten plastic-free self-fill tea bags to brew with ease.

The teas included are Sea Buckthorn to blend into a delicious smoothie, soothing Life’s A Peach for ‘tub tea’. Learn how to create Bollywood Dreams Chai lip balm and refreshing Lemon and Ginger shower drops. Shed your worries with Gunpowder Deluxe Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub!

(4) Tea in Mind 5 Element Set

The tea in mind 5 Element set featuring our 5 tea in mind teas. This set comprises 2og each of The Sleepy Mind, The Focused Mind, The Energised Mind, The Balanced Mind and The Contented Mind in a keep tin. Presented in a 100% cotton reuse teal tote bag with Tea pull-out featuring 2 recipes for each tea and ‘Thrive in 3’ Tea routines to empower you to pause, rebalance & thrive.

(5) Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set

Our Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set is everything you need to make matcha part of your daily routine and take a moment each day to pause and rebalance with this super-green packed full of goodness. This Matcha Tea Set includes – 20g of our Ceremonial Matcha in a Keep Tin- a highly praised ceremonial matcha green tea 1x handmade Bamboo Matcha Spoon & Whisk. Plus, a Blue Matcha Bowl & wooden serving tray.


We hope you’ve found the perfect match for the tea lover in your life, whether it’s a delightful starter kit, a luxurious blend, or a cosy accessory to complement their tea ritual. Remember, the joy of gifting is in the thoughtfulness behind it, and nothing says “I care” quite like a gift tailored to someone’s passion. So, pour yourself a cuppa, revel in the warmth of sharing, and spread the love of tea far and wide.




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