The Pros and Scones of it all…

Tea and Chocolate Evening

Well we have finished!

What we have acheived over the last 14 days:Sarah serving scones in Japan

  • Successfully served over 22,000 cream teas (I have personally baked 14,695 scones)
  • Completely sold out of our Scottish Breakfast tea, Edinburgh Blend tea and fabulous Strawberry jam
  • Meet some incredible people and businesses, both in Japan and back in bonnie Scotland
  • Tried matcha in 5 different ways… Matcha Kit Kats I might just have to give a miss if offered again!

A huge, huge thank you to Hankyu department stores for their amazing hospitality and the fabulous experience they have given to eteaket.

Japan this is not the last you will see of eteaket.


Tea Room in full swingNow I do believe a Sake is in order!



matcha green tea and sake

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