The Secret Mandarin book launch

Tea cocktails at The Secret Mandarin book launch

eteaket is delighted to be helping to launch a new tea-related book by Edinburgh author Sara Sheridan. The Secret Mandarin is the story of Scottish botanist Robert Fortune, one of the earliest pioneers to travel to the East to source and transport tea plants from China to India. In a twist of fate, Fortune ended up taking his unruly sister-in-law with him and they had no choice but to travel on their dangerous journey disguised as mandarin and man-servant. It’s an unforgettable story of love, fortitude and recklessness. Well worth a read whether you’re into tea or not.

To celebrate the launch, eteaket has created a special blend of tea (imaginatively) called Secret Mandarin. It will soon be on sale in our tea boutique on Frederick St until end October 2009. We’ll also be serving tea and tea cocktails at the book launch on September 2009. If you’re interested in the similarities of sourcing tea now compared to in Fortune’s days, we recently recorded a podcast with the author – we’ll post it on our blog just as soon as we can work out how. In the meantime, you should be able to find it here

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