Top 10 Products To Up Your Tea Game


Are you looking to hone in on your tea making and drinking skills? Then these top 10 products to up your tea game will bring you up to speed.

1.Perfect Tea Measure (£6.25): This double ended spoon has one end for a perfect cup and one end for a perfect pot. Meaning your tea will be…well perfect each time (hence the name!) It also means you’re not wasting any lovely tea leaves.

Perfect Tea Measure

2. Magic Tea Press (£19.95):  Take your teapot to the next level. It’s not called the magic Tea Press for nothing. It dispenses the tea from the bottom, so when you sit the teapot on top of your cup or mug it pours in! Genius. We love it too because you can see your lovely tea brewing, particularly handy for flowering teas.



3. Tea Chocolate (£4.95): Not only up your tea game, but up your tea tasting game too. Pair up these chocolate bars with the matching tea for the ultimate tea tasting experience.  Available as Bollywood Dreams Chai Milk Chocolate, Royal Earl Grey Milk Chocolate, Blooming Marvellous White Chocolate and Chilli Rooibos White Chocolate.

tea chocolate  


4. Tea Timer (£8.95): It’s always convenient to do the teabag hockey-cokey…but did you know on average a teabag is only brewed for 18 seconds? This only releases colour and caffeine not flavour. The timer is great for making sure you let your tea bag or tea leaves get enough brewing time, but not too long that the flavour becomes bitter. Our tea timers are 3 minutes long, perfect for Black, Oolong, Green and White teas. For Fruit & Herbal infusions simply turn the timer over once more to get your 6 minute brewing time.


5. the Smart Kettle (£99.95) – all three of us here at eteaket HQ use a similar kettle in our own homes. Temperature variable for Black, Oolong, Green, White and Coffee too! It also has a keep warm setting, so if you get pulled away from making that cuppa just now, you can come back within 20mins and your water will still be at the right temperature!



6. Tippy Cup (£17.95): an eteaket Store exclusive, you might be mistaken to thinking they’re just your average bowl! In fact they’re a clever way of brewing your tea and drinking it in the same vessel! The bottom of the cup is slanted, on one side there is a basket for your tea leaves, you tilt the cup to brew. Once you’ve brewed the tea, tilt the cup to the other side where your perfectly brewed tea will be ready to drink, minus pesky tea leaves! They’re available at our 111 Rose Street store and come in a range of lovely pastel colours.



7. The World Tea Encyclopaedia by Will Battle – We have signed versions available to buy at our eteaket Tea Store.  This book aims to shed light on the variety of the World’s teas and of course the joy that comes from drinking it, the world of tea explored and explained from bush to brew with beautiful photography and detailed maps. A great read for tea novices and connoisseurs. Will Battle will also be at our Store on the 4th of June for our Meet The Maker event.


8.  Bubble Cup (£28.95): The Bubble Cup is both a teapot and a cup! Each one is individually handmade by our master potter, Ian Henderson and each have their unique characterisitcs and shape – no two Bubble cups are alike. The Bubble Cup is portable and is all about creating a special eteaket moment, wherever that may be.



9. Rose Flower Blossom Tea (£17.95): Rose Flower Blossom tea is made from premium green tea and rose petals, which are expertly sewn and crafted together by an artisan skilled in the ancient craft of hand-sewing leaf tea. When steeped in hot water, they unfurl to produce the most fascinating formations – quite the spectacle to share with some pals!



10. Loose Leaf Travel Flask (£19.95) – Available at our 111 Rose Street Tea Store (and soon online!). The Loose Leaf Travel flask is cleverly designed so that the loose leaf tea is kept separate from the water, that is until you need to brew your tea, you simply turn the flask upside down for the tea to brew. Once it’s to your strength, turn back over and unscrew the top section, you’re then ready to drink a perfectly brewed cup of tea with no bits of tea leaves in sight! The stainless steel flask also keeps your water hot for up to 6 hours too.


There you have it – Our top 10 products to up your tea game, impress your friends and yourself! 🙂




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