Top 13 Tips to Rock Your Picnic: join eteaket for Tea in the Park


The highlight of all summers are beach picnics, park BBQs and long summer nights catching up with friends and getting some much needed vitamin D!

For us at eteaket, summertime is a great excuse to dig out that picnic blanket and spend some time enjoying the great outdoor spaces around Edinburgh.

picnic blanket

Here I have put together some top picnic tips so that your next one is roaring success.

  • First and foremost – especially in Scotland – take a plastic backed blanket to stop any damp getting through.
  • Don’t forget to take a bag for your rubbish. It will help make cleaning up post picnic a breeze.
  • Freeze some water bottles over night and pop them in a cool-box with your food/drinks to keep them cool. Once melted you can also drink the cool water.
  • Pack re-usable cups and cutlery to minimise waste and use water from a water bottle to rinse them if you need to use them for multiple things.
  • Pack some re-usable cloths, such as our Instant Human Tea Towel, to help mop up any spills and cut down on paper towel waste. You could also take another bag to pop them in and then they are ready to wash when you get home.
  • Don’t forget to take your cold brewed tea. Using our handy Cold Brew Bottle, brew your tea in cold water overnight and leave in the fridge. Before your picnic take it out of the fridge and strain out the tea. Stick in the cool-box to keep chilled and enjoy!

Hario Cold Brew Tea Bottle-copyright-Hario

  • If you feel like having healthy starters then chop up carrots, celery and green beans. Don’t forget some humus and pesto; they pair perfectly with a side of Blooming Marvellous cold brew tea.
  • Store any salads you take in mason jars and put the dressing at the bottom to prevent a soggy salad.

picnic salad in a mason jar

  • Taking filled baguettes? Make sure to wrap some newspaper and string around them to stop the filling from falling out.
  • If you are feeling a little fancy or would just like some pepper on your boiled egg then put some spices inside tic tac boxes for easy portability.

Picnic spices handy storage idea

  • Fancy a hot cuppa at the end of your picnic? Take a Loose Leaf Tea Flask along that will keep your water warm for at least 6-8 hours. Put the loose leaf tea in the top, hot water in the bottom and when you are ready to drink flip your tea flask for three minutes to brew, and then enjoy. Goodbye over-brewed tea!

Loose Leaf Tea Travel Flask picnic

  • Take some enamel plates on your next picnic. They are light – unbreakable and much better for the planet.
  • If you want to play some music at your next picnic but you forgot your outdoor speaker don’t panic. Put your phone inside one of your re-usable cups and the volume will double, just make sure you take any cold brew out of it first!


We hope you enjoyed our 13 picnic tips. Do you have any that are not on this list? We would love to hear about them. Share with us @eteaket on social media.

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AND, if you’re near Edinburgh on Friday 24 June 2018 come to our Tea in the Park Picnic in Princess St Gardens. We’ll be there between 12.30 and 1430 with some cold brew teas and scrumptious brownies for you to try. Let us know you’re coming at this link where you’ll find full details.

Sophie xx

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