Go Green for St Patrick’s Day: matcha cocktails


I’m obsessed with everything to do with matcha at the moment and have been experimenting with some matcha recipes, which I’m pretty pleased with (I know, it’s a hard job!) So, I encourage you to go green for St Patrick’s Day with my top 3 matcha ‘cocktails’… there’s even a non-alcoholic smoothie which packs a super health punch.

Irish-Sour-Recipe Matcha Spritzer Recipe Shamrock Shake Recipe

Take a look at our Mighty Matcha (great for lattes, cocktails and smoothies), Ceremonial Grade Matcha (perfect for drinking straight up or with a little frothed milk) and our matcha brewing equipment. I also created this handy guide on how to brew matcha and how to make a matcha latte.

Please do give these a whirl and let me know how you get on @eteaket or erica.moore@eteaket.co.uk. Thanks.

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