Top 5 kettles to make your tea sing


Sage Kettle eteaket review There are few things more important than tea which makes the kettle you use to make your tea a key component of your ritual. A good kettle needs to be durable, have a strong and safe handle, be able to keep the rust away and heat water quickly and efficiently. I’m Sophie, and I manage eteaket’s Concept Store so I know a thing or two about tea. I love to go the extra mile to help customers so I’ve searched high and low to find the best brewing device so you don’t have to. It’s safe to say I found some great ones so read on for my top 5 kettles to make your tea sing!

Bosch Kettle 1. Bosch TWK8631GB Styline Kettle: £63.99 Amazon

This magnificent kettle is at the top of the tea brewing tree. It may retail for a pretty penny but for tea lovers it is worth every cent! It is available in black and white, so something to match every kitchen. It has four settings ranging from 70-100 °C. Pick a temperature and this kettle will keep it at that temperature for 30 minutes! No re-boiling for your second cuppa with this bad boy. It is easy to fill and has a great limescale filter. The only drawback is that it can be loud while boiling and it makes a loud beep once it is ready which cannot be switched of. It`s a sacrifice I am willing to make for the perfect cuppa!

Wesco Kettle Review

2. Wesco classic stainless steel stovetop kettle. £84.99, Lakeland

This kettle is a classic. Designed in Germany this is a kettle which will stand the test of time. It can be used on any stovetop including induction. It has a wide base for a very quick boil. It has a handle which is comfortable to hold and doesn’t heat up. This kettle is for anyone who is looking for something traditional and efficient.

3. Russel Hobbs textures plastic kettle 21270 £19.00, Amazon

Russell Hobbs Kettle review

This kettle is easy on the purse strings and on the ears! It is quiet, speedy, light to pick up and easy to fill. You can choose to boil just one cup of water which is a very useful feature. The limescale feature on this kettle isn’t the best but at this price who can complain!

SMEG Kettle review

4. Smeg KLF03 Kettle from £119.99, John Lewis

This kettle is extremely attractive and when I say attractive I am talking Brad Pitt attractive. On the more practical side it is quick to boil, has a good limescale filter and switches itself of once boiled. It can be on the heavier side but a small arm workout while making tea can’t hurt right? It comes in a range of colours. If you’ve got cash to splash you can still pick up Smeg’s limited edition Dolce & Gabana kettle for a mere £399 in Harrods.

Sage Kettle review

5. Sage by Heston Blumenthal, the smart kettle £89.00, John Lewis.

If you have ever wondered which kettle our tea taster Erica uses to make her tea at home this is the one. This kettle is described as revolutionising the way you drink tea. Like the Bosch Kettle you can pick the temperature at which you would like to boil your tea. There are five pre-programmed buttons which tell you which temperature to select. The kettle heats to the selected temperature and then turns itself of. You can select to keep the water warm at the chosen temperature for 20 minutes. The kettle is a very quiet boil and has a great limescale filter.

Overall verdict, when it comes to buying a kettle it comes down to personal preferences, the practicality and the features it offers. Personally I am a fan of the Smeg kettle – its just so pretty. I have been told they make matching fridges, sorry bank account!  If I was to pick on practicality, it has to be the Sage kettle. It is quiet, has the option to select temperatures and can keep the water warm because re-boiling a kettle is so 2000.

Let me know if this blog post helped you pick a kettle or if you have any other recommendations.

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Sophie, eteaket Concept Store xx

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