Top 5 problems of loose leaf tea

Top 5 problems of loose leaf tea

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Top 5 problems of loose leaf tea – I hear the same 5 problems/excuses time and time again and, as it’s National Tea Day, I figured it was high time to set the record straight. So here are the top 5 problems of loose leaf tea.

I set up eteaket Tea 8 years ago after I’d discovered the amazing world of proper leaf tea. Loose leaf tea has brought so much joy to me over the years and has helped me to create so many wonderful memories (and got me through some challenging times too). My aim in life is to make other people as passionate about leaf tea as me and it’s largely all about showing people how amazing and straightforward the world of proper tea is if only they are willing to jump in.


  1. MESSY

Sure using loose leaf tea is messy if you chuck the leaves straight in your cup then have to fish them out the sink when you’re washing up. BUT THERE’S NO NEED FOR THAT. You simply need an infuser to hold the leaves while you brew. Tip the leaves in the compost or bin when you’re done, rinse and you’re good to go for next time. Trust me, the extra taste and benefits are so worth this tiny extra step.

If you want to go even easier, grab a pack of paper tea filters (fill your own tea bags if you will). Simply pop a teaspoon of tea into an empty paper filter and use as a normal tea bag. Make sure you buy an unbleached variety.



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Of course proper tea costs a little more than your ‘buy one get one free’ generic supermarket teabags. Unless you only ever drink bog standard instant coffee then you should really get over this one pretty easily. There is so much involved in bringing you a great cup of proper tea leaves. From the women hard at working plucking the tea bushes every day, to the tea masters in the factory delicately processing the leaves knowing just the right time to turn or fire the leaves, to the shipping, blending, flavouring, packaging… the list goes on. It’s important to buy ethically to ensure the tea workers in places like India or Sri Lanka have a fair wage. Driving down the price of tea through supermarket offers is not lead to a fair and sustainable industry and unless companies like eteaket can help to create a mind shift so people appreciate proper tea, the tea industry is doomed.

Oh and apparently the average dunk time for a tea bag is 18 seconds. That’s only giving you colour and caffeine. You’re missing out on any proper flavour and the best health benefits. To fit your tea into the tiny bag in the first place the delicate leaves had to be cut into tiny pieces. It’s a far cry from single estate whole leaf tea.

Put it this way, imagine if there was no proper filter coffee or great beans you can brew at home. If the highlight of your tea world is currently a generic dusty tea bag then wow you’re missing out on so much joy. Ohh, and with regard to the cost. 100g of eteaket Breakfast Blend costs £5.95. That’s under 15p per pot. In comparison, coke costs around 24p for a 250ml glass and a nespresso pod starts at 31p. That’s great news. Now you too can experience the joy that comes from living in a world with proper leaf tea.

I really think the few extra pennies are so worth it for the extra joy, flavour and health benefits you get from brewing a proper cup of leaf tea.



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Yes, like coffee tea can be as complicated as you like. We run tea tasting events from complete beginners right up to tea connoisseurs and there’s always more to learn (which is why I love what I do so much). That’s one of the reasons leaf tea is so awesome. However, if you simply want to make a cup of leaf tea at home even my 6 year old can do it. As long as you remember one thing then all will be fine – boiling water for black and infusions but let the water cool for 2 mins before pouring on green and white tea leaves. Any decent tea will come with brewing instructions anyway so there really isn’t an excuse to this one.



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It takes around 3 minutes to brew your tea properly. Are you honestly telling me you can’t spare 3 minutes to give yourself some much needed ‘me time’? That’s 0.003% of your day! If you really can’t spare the time then use a flask so you can run and go or keep a bottle of cold brew tea by your side instead.



Really? Since when was choice a bad thing? One of the many wonders of tea is how one plant can create so many fabulous varieties. It’s impossible to get bored of tea as the possibilities are endless. Push yourself to try new types or flavours and you’ll soon be craving different teas at different times of the days to satisfy different needs. Sure you might start with the Breakfast Blend to wake you up in the morning, then a Dragonwell Delight mid-morning to give you a little boost before lunch. Maybe a cold brew Sea Buckthorn with your lunch followed by a cheeky Chocolate Abyss tea latte around 3pm to stop you reaching for the chocolate bars. And of course an Isle of Harris Gin Tea (alcohol and caffeine free) after dinner followed by a Chillaxin’ Chamomile to help you unwind before bed.

Any other excuses? Try me. My greatest passion is introducing people to the joy of leaf tea and I love a challenge.

Erica x