We have a few favourite teas here at eteaket HQ and are in constant discussions (arguments) as to the best cuppa. So we decided to put together the eteaket Famous Five teas to try before you die:

1. Scottish Breakfast – The daddy of all teas. This bold broad breakfast tea is a must.
2. Lapsang Souchong – The marmite of teas. Complex smokey notes with a soft finish and really distinct after taste.
3. Oriental Oolong – ‘Broad beans,’ ‘allotments,’ ‘the zoo,’ just a few words I’ve heard use to describe this tea. Earthy notes with a refreshing citrus lift, we are absolutely in love with this tea, and it makes a fab rum cocktail… what’s not to like.
4. Silver Needle – It is like no other tea. delicate, soft and slightly melony. We don’t like to have favourites… well maybe this once.
5. Chilli Rooibos – Spicy, robust and tastes like marzipan. This tea has got it all, and then some.

Let us know what you think, have we missed any of your favourites out?

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Enjoy a small caddy of our famous five and let us know what you think,

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