Veganuary – Enjoy the wonder of plants year round!

Spring into the Year of the Water Tiger

Our tea is carefully curated and ethically sourced from the highest quality tea gardens around the world. We do so with deliberate care to look after nature’s wonders.

Part of the beauty of tea is found in its simplicity as we can produce such a variety of fantastic flavour’s all from the same camellia sinensis plant! As well as our herbal, fruit & floral infusions where the creativity of nature’s produce knows no bounds.

Tea by its very nature is obviously plant based and vegan as is the vast majority of our range. We’ve rounded up a few of our favs for you to drink this Veganuary!

Don’t forget you can also substitute plant based milks in your tea latte’s to keep it vegan; an oat milk Matcha latte or coconut Bollywood Dreams Chai work great!

Yellow Gold Oolong. 

Yellow Gold Oolong is a traditional Formosa Oolong tea from the Dung Ting mountains in Taiwan.  The delicately hand-rolled leaves when steeped open to create a complex mix of sweetness and tanginess topped off with notes of fresh grass.  The deep and earthy taste of this brew is truly unique and refreshing.

Cranberry Apple Riot. 

An absolute riot and fruity celebration in a tea cup. This tangy, tart and refreshing blend is created with cranberry and apple pieces expertly balanced with hibiscus, elderberry rosehip and strawberry.

Jasmine Chun Hao. 
Delicious green tea is layered with fresh jasmine blossoms night after night until the leaves are left with the perfect aroma of jasmine.  Extraordinary, isn’t it?

Oat Matcha Latte 


Ceremonial Matcha

Oat Milk


Traditionally matcha is whisked using a traditional bamboo whisk. or you can use a handheld electric frother. If using a traditional bamboo whisk it is good practice to soak the whisk in warm water for a couple of minutes to make the fibers more pliable.

Using your serving mug or Matcha Bowl whisk a teaspoon of matcha which a few drops of cold water until smooth. Top with 50ml of 80 degree water and whisk in a W pattern to release a light and airy froth.

Heat the oat milk using a steam wand, microwave or in a pan on the stove. Once it’s fully heated top up your mug and enjoy!


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