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Event 1: Changing behaviours with Jonathan Cooke


On the 24th of May we hosted the first of six FREE events which will give you small tips and tricks to help your overall wellbeing. We want to introduce everyday people to local experts who can offer up some information on health and wellbeing. Of course it wouldn’t be an eteaket event without tea so each event will include three teas which can be easily incorporated into your routine, are high in health benefits and can be brewed in a range of ways. Want to know which teas we tasted this month? See what we brewed below.


The expert


For our first event we asked Jonathan Cooke from Edinburgh’s Health and Fitness Project to come along and teach us a little bit about changing behaviours. Jonathan is a physiotherapist and personal trainer who has a pragmatic attitude towards health and wellness. His personal training service, JCFitness is carefully thought out and is based on evidence. They take the time to educate themselves through research and literature to form the best possible service for their clients. They don’t just focus on nutrition or on exercise they look at the whole package and tailor it to that. They said “our objective is to change the way personal training in Edinburgh is being delivered by creating a new standard that respects individual differences and uses structure and planning to accelerate goal attainment”. We felt very lucky to have Edinburgh’s health and fitness guru in the room with us and we were not disappointed with the pearls of wisdom we were offered.

Jonathan Cooke health and Fitness Project Wellness eteaket

Start by setting realistic goals.


Jonathan believes before you even step foot in the gym you should start by thinking about what you would like to achieve. This seems obvious but far too often people only have a broad idea of what their end goal is, for example “I would like to loose 10 KGS before a wedding next month”. The problem with this type of goal is it is not a realistic one. Jonathan spoke about setting ‘realistic goals’ where you start small and work your way up. Sitting down and working through your goal step by step is a sure way to succeed. An example of this is “I have identified my end goal which is I would like to loose some weight but realistically I cannot loose 10KGS by next month. Instead I will start this month and work on my fitness and toning. If my dress for the wedding fits a little better I will be happy”. After setting the smaller first goal if achieved it will encourage you to keep going. Then you can sit down and set your next goal which could be “I saw some good results last month and I am enjoying feeling fitter. This month I would like to be able to run 2.5Km without stopping”. Setting these small, realistic targets and reviewing them whenever you need to will help you stay on track and stay motivated.

Health and Fitness Project with Jonathan Cooke eteaket Wellness Event

Identify your potential barriers.


Jonathan went on to talk about identifying your barriers. We all have obstacles or excuses which stop us from achieving things we really want to do. After setting your goals, sit down and identify everything that may stop you hitting the gym or walking to work and pair them with solutions.


For example:


I do not have enough time in the morning to walk to work —-> if I wake up half an hour early I will have enough time to comfortably walk to work.

If you would like to talk to Jonathan or his team than visit:  https://www.jcfitness.co.uk/.


What we brewed.

Each month we will pair 3 of our teas with our guest wellness expert, show you how to brew them up and talk the benefits of including them in your routine – from a refreshing Cold Brew Tea, to a relaxing time-out tea with our Bubble Cup

This month we brewed our Gyokuro, Sea Buckthorn and Limited Edition Purple Rain Blue Tea.


Next in the series: Wellness with eteaket & Sono Yoga Thursday 21st June


A big thanks to Jonathan for coming along and teaching us all something that would positively influence our wellness. Next Month we will be joined by Sharon Iacono of Sono Yoga who is an Edinburgh based yoga instructor. I already have my questions lined up, now I do not want you to steal them but to get you thinking I will include them below:


  • Is there such a thing as a perfect downward dog?
  • If I only do child’s pose does it count as yoga?

Follow the link to register for your FREE spot Wellness with eteaket & Sono Yoga Thursday 21st June.


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