Wellness with eteaket & Sono Yoga


Our second Wellness with eteaket event took place on June the 21st. This month we hosted Sono Yoga’s Sharon in our Concept Store. For those who are not yet familiar, each month in our Concept Store we host a health and wellness expert who can help you make small changes to your everyday wellness and help boost your overall health. We also introduce you to three teas which have unique health benefits and are simple but effective to use. Below is a roundup of some of what we learnt this month from the wonderful Sharon and also the teas we tried.

Wellness with eteaket and Sono Yoga


Tea Chat: Matcha, Mellow Yellow & Blueberry Rooibos

The night started with tea. We brought in the big guns for this event, Mellow Yellow, Matcha (green tea) and Blueberry Rooibos.

We started with Matcha and tried it in latte form freshly made by our team in the Tea Room. We also tried an oat-milk mix which was Matcha, Strawberry & Cream (tea) and oat milk. Effortless but yet all great ways to add some Matcha to your diet – a natural detoxifier, enhances calm but improves alertness, will help your metabolism work a little harder and will boost your immune system.

Following the M trend, we moved onto Mellow Yellow. Our new Limited Edition summer brew is the first yellow tea eteaket has ever stocked. It is a firm favourite with our team so we knew it would be a big hit. We brewed Mellow Yellow in our teapot and showed everyone the difference between the dry and wet leaf. In one of those here’s one we made earlier moments we whipped out some cold brewed tea which has our Mellow Yellow mixed with Sea Buckthorn. If these two teas were on Love Island they would most definitely be ‘coupled up’ (sorry I couldn’t help myself). We put the mix in the fridge that morning so by that evening it was all ready to go. Cold brew tea can be a great way to increase your water intake plus get other nutritional benefits during and after a workout and as an alternative cool drink to take to the beach in this warm weather.

eteaket matcha green tea

Cold Brew recipe with Mellow Yellow & Sea Buckthorn



  • Put the tea in the bottle or jug and add water until full.
  • Place the mixture in the fridge and leave for 6-8 hours (overnight is best)
  • Strain tea out & enjoy!

Cold Brew Tea eteaket Concept Store


The third and final tea was Blueberry Rooibos. A caffeine free herbal infusion that originates from South Africa. Early in history it was mostly enjoyed by local tribes and praised for its varying health benefits. The herbal ‘tea’ because popular after WW2 and has grown since then (on and off the bush). Our Blueberry Rooibos is an antioxidant powerhouse. Blueberries are an official superfood and also taste divine. We brewed this tea in our teapot before passing the floor over to Sharon.


Yoga chat: Sono Yoga

Sharon is a yoga instructor in Edinburgh and runs Sono Yoga. She has not always been a yogi though; in her past life she worked in hospitality which is riddled with back problems and bad posture.  Now I must warn you, Sharon’s talk was so effective that the next morning I woke up early to do a yoga session and I haven’t stopped since. Sharon told us that her yoga teaching focuses on Yin Yang yoga. She said as an avid mountain biker and someone who has always loved sport she likes to focus on helping people who may do regular exercise but her classes would be beneficial to everyone. We all took so much away from Sharon’s chat, the number one thing was of course motivation. Here’s what stuck with us:

  1. Spine health is so important. Whether you spend the day sitting in a chair, standing up or you are walking around, one thing is for sure we all need to spend more time stretching our spine. Your spine is linked to so many other parts of your body and in this day and age (with mobile phones, TV, PlayStation etc) we are all turning into a generation of slouchers. Yoga can help release tension in your spine, open up your shoulders and relieve your neck of pressure (it only carries your brain around all day).
  2. Your legs start just underneath your chest. Can you actually believe it? As someone who is not blessed with height, I have been thinking about this fact. I have been walking around feeling a little taller ever since but more importantly I have been focusing on my posture.
  3.  YouTube videos are great but it is important to still go to a yoga class so that the teacher can tweak your form. Going to a class will help prevent injuries and strain which could arise from yoga. It is also nice to try a variety of classes to see which one you prefer and which type of yoga suits you. Sharon teaches a variety of yoga classes in different locations. Check out her website: www.sonoyoga.co.uk


A massive thanks to Sharon for taking the time to speak to us and teach us so much about the importance of yoga and how easy it can be to incorporate into our everyday life styles.

Wellness with eteaket and Sono Yoga


If you are interested in learning from the experts, this July 19th we will be joined by DR. Alana Jarrott from Optional Health Chiropractic. She will be sharing her knowledge and passion for Spinal Health and Wellbeing. I have a feeling we are going to leave with lots to think about and our spines a little healthier.  We will also be tasting three teas which will be easy to prepare and chocked full of good stuff for your wellbeing.

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