Wholesale Tea Range 

We supply the highest quality and grade of wholesale loose leaf tea and tea bags for retail, hospitality, catering & events. You'll find our tea served across the UK and beyond. From Michelin-star fine dining to in-house corporate catering for household names. Our retail range is expanding into gift shops and independents across the UK. Our diverse and adaptable tea range can be curated to suit any venue. Our tea-m is on hand to guide you through our range and create a bespoke menu & offering to suit your needs.

Loose leaf - to serve & retail

We over 40 carefully curated blends available in loose leaf from our 'regular cuppa' Breakfast Blend to our premium Single Estate Chinese Teas. We provide not only the best quality, but also an envious selection alongside the must-haves of any tea menu. We also create our own unique blends (many with a Scottish twist) which are some of our most popular worldwide. Moreover, every season we launch new small batch blends,to keep menus fresh for the time of year.

Loose leaf is available in tins & cartons to retail and 250g - 1kg packs to serve.

eteaket - loose leaf crop

Tea bags - to serve & retail

Our top 13 teas are available in tea bags. Our pyramid silk tea bags are created using neo-soilon; a compostable, biodegradable plant based mesh.  They are sealed using ultrasound and tagged with natural string and an unlaminated paper tag making them the market leaders in tea bag sustainabilty. Our wholesale tea bags are available in retail 20 pack cartons and 100 packs to serve. We also supply the top 4 individually wrapped tea bags in natureflex for a 100% plastic free self-serve option.

eteaket Wholesale Tea Suppliers

Teaware & brewing

We provide wholesale loose leaf & tea bag starter packs which include storage jars & branded labels. We also offer a core range of brewing solutions such as paper filters, self-fill tea bags and teapots. As well as your essential brewing tools - tea timers, matcha whisks and much more.

Teaware & Brewing Options

Tea collections - to retail

Delight your customers with our selection of Tea Collections; each carefully curated box is filled with a selection of 20g plastic-free sachets of loose leaf tea and complimentary self-fill tea bags. Great for retail shelves & gift shops.

From functional tea selection boxes like our Sleepy Collection for a sound slumber to our Energising Collections to boost & invigorate and our Scottish Collection - loved by visitors to Scotland.

wholesale tea collections

Wellbeing tea - thrive in 3

eteaket’s Tea in Mind range has been specifically blended in harmony with the ancient Chinese 5 Elements to empower you to pause, rebalance & thrive in the 3 minutes it takes to brew your tea.

The Tea in Mind concept fuses eteaket’s knowledge of tea with their love for self-care and philosophy. Take a moment each day to thrive in 3 steps with ‘tea in mind’ – a series of tea routines to help you thrive every day in 3 simple steps.

wellbeing tea wholesale