Why take tea outside & connect with nature?

Why take tea outside & connect with nature?

During this Mental Health Awareness week, it’s vitally important to keep conversations about mental wellbeing and mental health going. The focus of this week’s campaign are the benefits of connecting with nature. So if you could do with a little mood boost, try taking your tea outside and connecting with nature in some way.

How are you feeling?

Do you ever feel like you’re running yourself into the ground? How often do you pause long enough to listen to your body? What is your body trying to tell you? Do you need a rest? A chat with someone? Perhaps an early night? Perhaps you need to seek help from someone?

Often, it can help to take a little time to connect with nature. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face, listen to the birds singing, watch the clouds floating by, daydream a little, smell the freshly cut grass & actually taste your tea properly while you let it relax you from the inside out.

If you get a chance to pause today, however small that opportunity, rather than doing those never-ending chores, work emails or mindlessly scrolling, try prioritising some time for you and get out in nature. Your mental wellbeing will likely thank you for it.

Some tips for connecting with nature

If you’re experiencing mental health difficulties, it can be hard to connect with nature. Perhaps you feel tired, feel low, or unmotivated.

Here are some tips from the mental wellbeing charity Health in Mind for overcoming these obstacles:
? Ask for support – you could take a friend with you
? Find things that you enjoy – spending time in nature doesn’t have to be strenuous
? Bring nature to you by getting an indoor plant
? Don’t try and do things all at once, start with small steps

Tea in Mind

Our Tea in Mind system, which relates to the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Metal & Wood, is based around the fact that our mind and body are connected to all natural things. It’s no surprise then that connecting with nature in some form is beneficial to our mental health. So brew your tea of choice and connect with nature in some way. Whether it’s simply looking out the window at the trees, listening to the bird song or getting outside for a stroll, it all helps. Let’s start treating our mental health in the same way as we treat our physical health. Everything is connected after all :).

Have you managed a tea pause for yourself today? If you’d like more info and tips have a read at this article from Health In Mind.

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