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Mothers Day Tea Riffic Tea Chest
Mothers Day Tea Riffic Tea Chest
Mothers Day Tea Riffic Tea Chest
Mothers Day Tea Riffic Tea Chest
Mothers Day Tea Riffic Tea Chest
Mothers Day Tea Riffic Tea Chest
Mothers Day Tea Riffic Tea Chest
Mothers Day Tea Riffic Tea Chest

Mother’s Day Tea-Riffic Tea Chest


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Our Mother’s Day Tea-Riffic Tea Chest is just that!  Teriffic!  Providing a glorious selection of loose leaf tea, this tea chest is a wonderful gift for a mum… Or for yourself!  Because, why not?

This Tea-Riffic Tea Chest contains 7 different and delicious teas, so sit back and relax!  Follow our special Mother’s Day Periodic Brewing table to brew your teas to absolute perfection in our complimentary completely plastic free self-fill teabags.   With 6 loose leaf teas and our stunning Rose Flower Blossom tea (which can be infused twice), there are over 25 cups worth of tea to be brewed and enjoyed!  Total bliss!

The Mother’s Day Tea-Riffic Tea Chest contains the following delicious and wonderful teas…

Chillaxin’ Chamomile, Chocolate Abyss, Sea Buckthorn, Blooming Marvellous, Isle of Harris Gin Tea, Blueberry Rooibos and Rose Flower Blossom.




Chillaxin’ Chamomile

Our Chillaxin Chamomile is the perfect tea to help you kick back and unwind. Our Chamomile is made up of the whole Chamomile flower and creates a sweet intoxicating, elegant floral flavour. Pour yourself a cup, pop on a Ryan Gosling movie and lose yourself in the moment.

Chocolate Abyss

Chocolate Abyss, where chocolate meets tea: Two of the world’s best discoveries carefully blended for you to enjoy. Our Chocolate Abyss tea is quality black tea, expertly blended with real chocolate chunks, cocoa bits and coconut flakes. This tea is beautifully sweet with a slightly nutty edge. What’s not to like?

It’s like eating a huge slab of your favourite chocolate but without the calories.

Sea Buckthorn

Feeling inspired by this incredibly delicious and healthy berry we’ve blended our Sea Buckthorn Blend.  Fruity dried Cranberries and mellow hibiscus flower, the Sea Buckthorn berry brings plenty of punchy flavour to the party too. Our Sea Buckthorn Blend creates a sweet yet tart flavour that has plenty of ZING!  Perfect as an iced tea for those Sunnier days.

Blooming Marvellous

Our Blooming Marvellous is just that… blooming marvellous! Flavoured Sencha green leaf is expertly blended with bright mallow and sunflower petals, exquisite rosebuds, sweet vanilla and fresh tangy fruit. Creating a sweet and slightly floral green tea with bags of taste and personality!

Blooming Marvellous is a lively blend that will be sure to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. For those more adventurous tea lovers Blooming Marvellous is fabulous as a boozy tea cocktail!

Isle of Harris Gin Tea

With our Isle Of Harris Gin Tea we’re taking the T in G&Tea to a whole new level! Using the unique botanicals the Isle Of Harris Distillers use in their incredible gin, we’ve produced a tea blend like no other.

Blueberry Rooibos

Our Blueberry Rooibos is a bright fresh fruity Rooibos with the character of fresh wild blueberries and a sweet and tangy aroma. High quality Rooibos is blended with blueberry, elderberry, raisins, apple, cornflowers and hibiscus to create this colourful cup.

Rose Flower Blossom

Rose Flower Blossom tea is made from premium green tea and rose petals, which are expertly sewn and crafted together by an artisan skilled in the ancient craft of hand-sewing leaf tea. When steeped in hot water, they unfurl to produce the most fascinating formations – a real storm in a teacup.

Our Chillaxin' Chamomile, Sea Buckthorn, Isle of Harris Gin Tea and Blueberry Rooibos are all Fruit & Herbal teas and can be enjoyed any time of the day - morning, noon or night!

Our Delicious Chocolate Abyss tea is a Black tea and is recommended to be enjoyed before 4pm.

Blooming Marvellous and Rose Flower Blossom are Green tea wonders! It is recommended to enjoy these two before 3pm due to the caffeine content.

Chillaxin' Chamomile: Use 1-2 tsp per cup, add freshly boiled water and brew for 3-4 mins. Try it with honey or lemon.

Chocolate Abyss: Use 1 tsp per cup, add freshly boiled water and brew for 3-5 mins. Serve immediately or remove leaves. Best without milk but dunking a biscuit is certainly advised.

Sea Buckthorn: We recommend you brew our Sea Buckthorn tea for around 5-7 minutes with water that's 100c to get the best flavour! One the time is up - don't forget to remove the leaves!

Blooming Marvellous: Use 1-2 tsp per cup, add hot water that hasn’t yet begun to bubble (around 80°C) and brew for 2-3 mins. Serve immediately or remove leaves so you don’t ruin all your hard work.

Isle of Harris Gin Tea: Hot, Cold or mixed as a Tea Cocktail with the Isle Of Harris Gin!

Blueberry Rooibos: Use 1 tsp per cup, add freshly boiled water and brew for 3-4 mins. We recommend holding off on the milk, but whatever floats your boat.

Rose Flower Blossom: Place the blossom in a glass cup/teapot, add freshly boiled water and ensure sufficient height of water to let the bud unfurl. Watch the magic happen (brew until the blossom opens).

CHILLAXIN CHAMOMILE: Whole Chamomile flowers (5g).
CHOCOLATE ABYSS: Black tea, coconut chips, chocolate drops (sugar, WHOLE MILK POWDER, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, SWEET WHEY POWDER, emulsifier: SOYA LECITHINS), cocoa bean bits, natural flavourings. 10g
SEA BUCKTHORN BLEND: Dried apple pieces, freeze-dried sea buckthorn berries, hibiscus blossom, elderberries, blueberries, cranberries, (cranberries, sugar, anti-caking agent: sunflower oil), rose hip peel, natural flavourings. 10g.
BLOOMING MARVELLOUS: Green tea, natural lemon, vanilla, red fruit flavouring, freeze-dried strawberry pieces, rosebuds, mallow & sunflower petals. 10g.
ISLE of HARRIS GIN TEA: Juniper berries, bitter orange peel, liquorice root, cassia bark, sugar sea kelp, angelica root, coriander seeds, grapefruit flavouring, juniper flavouring. 10g.
BLUEBERRY ROOIBOS: Rooibos, apple pieces, elderberry pieces, currant pieces, cornflower petals, hibiscus petals, natural flavours. 10g.
ROSE FLOWER BLOSSOM: Green tea, Rosebud. 1 piece.
Net weight c.60g.


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