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Cuppas for Causes – Our Charity Initiative

Launched in January 2014, we are supporting the Prince’s Trust and helping more people live their lives on purpose.

  • We are committed to sourcing high quality leaf tea.  Therefore, as part of this, we travel to tea gardens around the world.

Ethical Tea Partnership

  • We are a proud member of the Ethical Tea Partnership: this is a not for profit membership organisation that works to improve tea sustainability, the lives of tea workers and the environment in which tea is produced.
  • Moreover, through eteaket’s Cuppas for Causes campaign, we partake in various activities and events to give something back to our local community, the tea world and the environment at large.
  • We work with the ‘Health in Mind’ charity promoting mental health & wellbeing in Scotland.

Aberlour Children’s Trust: our mentoring scheme & fundraising

We worked with Aberlour Children’s Trust hosting events, raising funds and awareness for this amazing charity, including our own mentoring scheme.

Education for children in Assam, India

Thanks to our trade customers we’ve provided over 3,500 days of education support to disadvantaged children in Parijat Academy in Assam through B1G1 (Buy 1, Give 1).  The school is non profitable and provides free education to underprivileged children click here to find out more.

Other support has included the following;

Since 2014, we’ve worked with a host of organisations and managed to:

  • Raise over £300 for Cancer Research through a tea Dryathalon
  • Held a tea blending night with the kids and staff from Aberlour Childrens Charity
  • Hosted an Afternoon Tea for the kids, parents and staff at The Edinburgh Sick Kids Foundation
  • Likewise, we hosted an Afternoon Tea for Lifecare where we raised £250! As well as this, we are delighted to be doing some more events with them later this year
  • Worked with the amazing Bethany where the eteaket team manned the soup van every Wednesday throughout June 2014
  • We also helped raise funds for Aberlour through their Strictly Come Prancing event
  • We hosted the Breakfast of Champions!  As a result, we donated £1 from every breakfast sold to Aberlour to provide a breakfast for a disadvantaged child in Scotland.
  • Supported Aberlour at their amazing Ironride event, providing teas for all the brave participants.
  • Moreover, we organised a charity fun run outside our Concept Store on Rose Street which was certainly fun indeed.
  • We launched our ‘Positivitea‘ tea in collaboration with Social Bite – an amazing charity committed to ending homelessness in Scotland.  20% of every sale goes straight to the Social Bite Charity.

In India, through B1G1, we’ve also:

  • given 100 children in need required medication;
  • provided 960 days of access to a special life education program for children;
  • and supported 3000 days of access to life-saving clean water to children;
  • provided 3200 days of access to good personal hygiene to people in need;
  • given 2 days of medical eye care to elderly people in need;
  • given 6000 days of access to life-saving clean water through the Earthpan Dam Water Provision;
  • also, provided over 2000 meals for children in India.

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