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We are delighted to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Social Bite on this intriguing tea blend, Positivitea.  In case you haven’t heard of them, Social Bite are an amazing organisation.  They are on a mission to build a collaborative movement to end homelessness in Scotland!  Therefore, we are proud and very happy to be able to help them with their efforts.  With every purchase of positivitea, 20% of this will go to the Social Bite Charity! 

About our Positivitea…

Positivitea is an exclusive tea in collaboration with Social Bite, with diversity and inclusion at it’s core.  Inspired by the love of variation and strength we create through connecting with each other, this tea is a fusion of all four tea types within one blend!  Yes, really!

The unique taste qualities of green, oolong and white tea are combined with energising Dragonfruit pieces, pink pepper, tangy raspberry, blackberry and relaxing chamomile flowers.  Created for everyone, Positivitea is an unmistakable warming blend with a powerful bite and zest for life.

Moreover, the launch of this new tea ties in perfectly with our new concept for balance & calming thoughts, ‘Tea in Mind’.   We are working to support the charity ‘Health in Mind’ which is focused on mental heath.  Our aim is to encourage you to have a 3 minute tea routine each day.  Also, remembering to take those moments whilst your tea is brewing to pause, rebalance and create a calming space for the mind.  Follow us on instagram @eteaket for some daily ‘Tea in Mind’ rituals and routines which you can practise each day.

Plastic-free tea

We provide the highest quality ethically sourced teas from all over the world.  Our teas are 100% plastic free.  From the bio-film we use to hold them, we also use biodegradable and compostable labels on our refills and sachets, so we have you covered to enjoy our tea responsibly.  Because really, to enjoy natures wonders, we all need to take care of it.

By switching to loose leaf tea you’re not only saving the planet from more packaging but you’re getting a great cup of tea.  So, if you’re new to loose leaf tea, fear not.  We have 100% plastic-free self-fill teabags with drawstrings for you to create your brew.

We think the best way to enjoy it is with an Infuser Mug or an Infuser Teapot like our colourful Eteaket teapots, (or the amazing cast iron Japanese Style teapots).  Also, other handy tools include the Perfect Tea Measure Spoon and a Tea Timer.



Best Drunk

Morning or Noon
Brew this tea at 80 degrees. Use 1 teaspoon per cup (200ml). Add a little cold water to your mug before boiling water if you don't have a temperature set kettle! This simply keeps the green tea leaves from burning. Brew for 3 minutes and stop the infusion (remove the leaves).

green tea (68%), oolong tea (8%), dragon fruit bits, white tea, flavouring, pink pepper, raspberries, chamomile flowers, blackberries, vanilla


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