Sustainability & Ethics

Sustainability : Taking Care of Our Planet

Since the very beginning, sustainability has always been at the heart of everything we do here at eteaket. The wonders of tea are made possible by the natural world and we want to protect it.

Our tea is carefully curated and ethically sourced from the highest quality tea gardens all over the world. We are proud to be a member of The Ethical Tea Partnership.

Ethical Tea Partnership

Our packaging is also created with care to ensure we do our part to look after nature’s wonders.

Our loose leaf & tea bag cartons are 100% plastic free; they are crafted from recyclable cardboard and the inner bag, although it looks like plastic, is actually a material called Natureflex, which is a biodegradable film created using wood pulp.

Our 20g & 100g steel tins are designed to be reused again and again, and you can decant your leaf tea straight in.

We are committed to removing the very last of the plastic from our tea range. Our next big packaging change will be sourcing a fully sustainable bag for our 250g loose leaf & 45 tea bags. For now they are a high grade recyclable plastic so please reuse & recycle them responsibly.

By switching to loose leaf tea you’re not only saving the planet from more packaging but you’re getting a great cup of tea.  If you’re new to loose leaf tea, fear not.  We have 100% plastic-free self-fill teabags with drawstrings for you to create your brew.

We have always had plastic free, fully biodegradable pyramid tea bags.  They are made from Soilon which is a material derived from cornstarch.  The teabags are unbleached and ultrasound is used to attach the string and the unlaminated paper tag rather than an adhesive.  In the interests of full transparency, our teabags are compostable but not categorised as ‘home compostable’ as it takes more than 30 days for the decomposition to happen.

Living Wage Logo

We are a Living Wage Employer and will continue to be so. Find out more here: www.livingwage.org.uk

Our Tea Room & Our Concept Store

Sustainability is equally important to us in both our Tea Room, & our Concept Store.  We have been working hard on making our Edinburgh Tea Room and Concept Store as environmentally friendly as possible and we are constantly reviewing all of our practices.  We want to ensure that we are always at the forefront for innovation & sustainability.  Our Tea Room (with the help of Changeworks) has a robust method for recycling.  Our team make sure to separate all food waste as well as recyclable materials.

We also encourage patrons to bring their own cup if they are taking away a tea.  We offer a 25p discount if you bring your own cup and we sell re-usable cups in both our Tea Room and Concept Store.  Our Concept Store also recycles everything possible and continues to spread the positive benefits of switching to whole leaf tea.  Drink sustainably with our 100% plastic-free, biodegradable packaging alongside either a reusable infuser mug or 100% plastic-free self-fill teabags.  We love the planet, and you can rest assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure eteaket operates in the most sustainable, responsible way.  Happy Brewing!

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