• Colour Gaiwan Tea Tasting Set
  • colour-gaiwan-tea-tasting-set
  • colour-gaiwan-tea-tasting-set
  • colour-gaiwan-tea-tasting-set
  • colour-gaiwan-tea-tasting-set
  • colour-gaiwan-tea-tasting-set
  • colour-gaiwan-tea-tasting-set

Colourful Gaiwan Tea Tasting Set


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Our Colourful Gaiwan Tea Tasting Set will have you sipping with thought.  Crafted in a beautiful glazed porcelain, this set will allow you to taste your tea in a more traditional way.  (This set is also available in white porcelain here).

This set consists of:

  • A Colourful Gaiwan (Base plate, main bowl & lid, holds 100 mls);
  • 2 tasting cups (each holds 30ml).

Gaiwan’s are thought to have been developed in China during the ‘Ming Dynasty’ (1368-1644 AD).  And they remain popular today for both tea masters as well as tea beginners alike.  What we love about them is how they allow you to experience your tea in a whole new way, further engaging your senses.   So, if you have never brewed with one before, behold a whole new tea experience.

This colourful Gaiwan is an incredibly beautiful little vessel as well as a practical brewing tool.  As well as enjoying a tea moment to yourself, brewing tea with Gaiwan’s is also a perfect way to enjoy the full sensory experience with a friend.

Brewing with your Gaiwan

For a full demonstration of how to brew with this Colourful Gaiwan Tea Tasting Set, watch our video below!  We especially love to brew our new Milky Oolong just now.  The way the leaves unfurl and the deliciously buttery soft liquor of the tea has our senses completely occupied with delight.

For a more in depth guide, visit our Blog post ‘How to Brew in a Gaiwan | Our 5 Step Guide


The Gaiwan holds 100mls and each tasting cup holds 30 mls.  It is a good idea before you brew your tea, to pour hot water in the Gaiwan and tasting cups and pour away.  This warms them up to avoid the tea cooling too quickly.

Brew your tea by placing your tea leaves directly in the Gaiwan.  Use 1tsp (2.5g) of leaves.  Then add the hot water at the desired temperature for your tea.  (Remember that green teas should be brewed at around 80 degrees or a couple of minutes after the kettle boils, so that you do not burn the leaves).  Try to avoid pouring the water directly onto the tea leaves and instead, try to first pour along the sides of the Gaiwan.

After this, replace the lid on the Gaiwan and allow the tea to brew. On the first steep, you brew your tea for only one minute.  As you steep your leaves again, you extend the brewing time slightly each time.  When you remove the lid, the unfurled leaves will be clear for you to observe in all their glory.  The wide opening at the top allows for an easy way to observe the leaves and how they have unfurled, which is often fascinating.  Breathe in the scent of the leaves as well.

Brewing tea with a Gaiwan allows you the time to take notice of the amazing details we often miss when brewing tea normally or in a tea bag.  Then, place the lid on the Gaiwan slightly tilted.  This will allow you to use it as a filter to hold the leaves whilst you pour some into your tasting cup.



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