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Plastic-free Tea Club



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Our plastic-free tea club is here!  Monthly gifts of tea?  Yes, please!

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the phenomenal world of tea, right from the cosy corner of your couch?  (and do so with the knowledge that everything in our tea club, including all of the packaging right down to the stickers are 100% plastic-free).

Our tea club memberships are a fabulous way to try out an amazing selection of tea whilst learning all about it along the way.  Simply choose how long you would like your membership to last (3, 6, or 12 months), pay for your tea club, and that’s it!  Your tea will arrive with you each month and we cover the costs of postage for you.  It is a fabulous gift too!  We simply can’t imagine anything better than monthly gifts of tea…

On the purchase of your tea club you will receive your tea chest.  This will be your treasure trove for your tea along with our self-fill plastic free tea bags which will equip you with the means to drink responsibly.  You will also receive our fabulous tea guide along with our periodic teable on the reverse.  These will guide you to the perfect brew each time.  Sip alongside this handy guide to gain an insight into each tea you receive and keep track of your favourites!  You will receive three sachets of tea (roughly 10g each)  to start you off.  And each following month you will again receive a trio of teas!

We are with you along the way!

What’s even better is that we embark on this journey with you.  Every month, via our eteaket Tea Tribe facebook group, we will be posting a video to go into some exciting detail about the trio of teas you have received.  Moreover, their amazing versatility!  Engage with us in the group and let us know how you are enjoying them.  Also, which ones you love of course!  If you try any recipes out from our videos, tell us how you got on.  Our plastic-free tea club really is an eye opening tea-journey which will allow you to taste a myriad of teas as well as equip you with the means to drink responsibly.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  We can’t wait!


You will also gain access to our limited editions throughout your tea club membership… although these will not be in your tea guide, fear not!  Join our Tea Tribe Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/eteaketTeaTribe/) for access to our dedicated Tea Masterclass sessions each month where you will receive an exciting overview of the teas which you have received, their fascinating background and their amazing versatility!

Delivery Dates

We will send out your first order shortly after you place your order. Subsequent deliveries will be sent at the end of each month after that. For example, if you order on 5 Nov your first order will be sent out around 6 Nov and your second order will be sent out towards end Dec.

Change of Delivery Address

If you need to update the delivery address at anytime please just let us know at [email protected]

Please contact us if you have any other questions 🙂




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